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Cash is spiraling out of favor, leaving 7.4 million Britons alone with card


Digital Banking

With contactless accounting for more than 40% of all card payments.

Image source: Austin Thistle / Unsplash.

Millions of UK publishers withdrew almost cash from their current lives last year, with the latest figures showing that card payments now account for more than half (51 percent) of all consumer spending.

The figures, disclosed by the banking industry group UK Finance, come just days after consumer group Which? launched a campaign calling on the government to protect the cash system.

"Vulnerable people risk that they can continue to pay for essential products and services without a means, and the crisis in coronavirus accelerates the move to a cashless society," Which? wrote.

According to UK Finance, the number of people using no cash at all, or using only one in & # 39; monthly, doubled between 2017 and 2019 with now more than 7.4 million people leaving physical money.

The loss of cash was not only among young people, with seven percent of those 65 or older counting among the cashless millions.

In addition, these figures from UK Finance do not yet take into account the change in sea change that is happening in 2020, where cash has become the villain in many countries as a major driver of coronavirus.

As we wrote before, coronavirus could mean that 2020 will be the year that cash eventually loses its battle against card and is contactless.

Stephen Jones, CEO of UK Finance, said: “The influence of Covid-19 can accelerate these habits (of contactless payments and remote banking) for many customers; However, we are fully aware that not all customers are digitally enabled, which is why we work hard to ensure that people have access to cash and every banking service remains available to help the country through these difficult times. "

Contactless specifically, the figures for contactless payment figures show a further 16 per cent to 8.6 billion payments in 2019, accounting for almost half (42.3 percent) of all card payments.

However, in & # 39; 2020, UK Finance said that the impact of coronavirus was made: "Analysis of payment trends and forecasts is particularly challenging, as it is not yet clear what the impact is on consumer and business behavior. "

"UK Finance will monitor the next phase of the & # 39; crisis to determine what impact, if any, the 2020 experiences will have on & # 39; consumers' preferences on how & # 39; they pay for things."

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Where are you? – The Rock aims for Trump's treatment of mass protests


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has objected to Donald Trump's handling of the mass protests that have shocked the US, when he blamed the lack of a "compassionate leader".

The Hollywood actor – who previously regretted a run for the White House – voices his support for the Black Lives Matter movement amid heightened racial tensions following George Floyd's death.

Johnson posted a video on Instagram in which he directly pointed the camera while saying "Where are you?" Repeat.

While he never mentioned Mr Trump by name, he said the US does not lack a united leader who "does not come up and take full responsibility" and "takes our country to his knees".

The President has criticized his handling of the crisis and threatened to deploy the army in an effort to stop the protests that have since spread beyond the US to countries including the United Kingdom .

In his video, former professional wrestler Johnson said: & # 39; Like the majority of & # 39; e Americans I am not a politician and I have never been elected to office and am not the President of the United States.

& # 39; But I am a man, and I am a father who does not care so deeply about my family, my children and the world in which they will live. I care so deeply about our country and every single person in it.

& # 39; That's who I am. I am a man who is frustrated, disappointed, I am angry, but I also do my best to stay focused and as calm as possible in my pocket, to make the best decisions for my family and making the best decisions for our country. "

Johnson, one of Hollywood's biggest signs, added: "So as we continue to wait for that leader to rise, I advise you all that we should become the leaders we don't seek."

Johnson said "change is happening," adding, "Stay strong. We've got this."

Mr. Floyd, who was black, died on May 25 after a white Minneapolis police officer was shot several minutes with his knee on his neck.

Former officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder, while three other officers at the scene have also been charged in relation to the death.

Craig Wright refuses to manufacture Tulip Trust


Craig Wright claims he only has access to the & # 39; Satoshi & # 39; Bitcoin addresses filed in & # 39; court, despite a message apparently signed by 145 of & # 39; addresses that did not call him "a liar and a fraud".

Wright says anyone who doesn't think his credibility is now in tatters is "as a result," doesn't understand digital signatures.

He is being indicted by the estate of his suspicious former business partner Dave Kleiman, who is seeking a bill of billions of dollars of Bitcoin (BTC) that the couple may have mined together.

As part of the case, Wright has submitted a list of early Bitcoin addresses that he claims to be his. However, on May 24, an unknown actor posted a message, signed with the private keys at 145 addresses on & # 39; s file list. This was practiced by the Kleiman estate to suggest that the high list was a manufacture.

But in an interview with Patrick McLain on the REIMAGINE 2020 YouTube channel on June 3, Wright said, "No message was signed," refuting the idea that anyone could sign such a message anonymously:

& # 39; You must have an identity attribute as an identity to report this issue. Someone can't go and say & # 39; Hey, I have a key ⁠— I'm signed & # 39 ;. If you think so, you will not understand digital signatures. "

Wright said that because there was no signature on May 24, "You cannot have a digital signature that is anonymous … It did not sign a message."

Dribble the Pirate Roberts defense

The Kleiman team has argued that the list presented by Wright to the Court was a forgery, and quoted Bitcoin trainer Andreas Antonopoulos in their legal motion saying that no message like the one on May 24 could be signed without private keys .

Wright denied this directly with McLain, saying the claim was the same as Ross Ulbricht's defense of Antonopoulos in Silk Road's case:

"It was not signed (…) that was the defense of Antonopoulos & # 39; Dread Pirate Roberts & # 39; that was removed from & # 39; the pursuit of Silk Road, and said to sign you register a key, and that needs to be protected. "

Last week, Bitcoin developer Rene Pickhardt said it was possible for the signatures to explode: "Of course, security can be compromised and the signatures could only be made for this particular message, but not for potential currency transfers."

Twist and turn

The addresses filed with the court – held by Bitcoin mined between May 10, 2009 and January 10, 2010 – have been under intense scrutiny since they leaked from court documents. On May 20, an unknown party moved $ 486,000 BTC from one of & # 39; s addresses associated with Wright.

The case between Wright and Kleiman is still ongoing, with a trial scheduled for July 6 in the Southern District of Florida.

Podcaster Joe Rogan uses crypto-enabled courageous browser


Podcaster Joe Rogan has revealed that he uses the privacy-focused Brave browser to prevent internet ads and Google tracking in & # 39; s latest episode, which features American musician and comic book writer Reggie Watts.

It is one of & # 39; most posted encouragements in & # 39; Brave's history with the Rogan podcast downloaded over 190 million times each month. The show was recently licensed to Spotify in a $ 100 million deal. This latest episode has viewed 1.7 million views on YouTube in its first 24 hours.

You will be followed

In the 2.5 hour episode, Rogan and Watts spent nearly 30 minutes discussing Internet privacy, apps and advertising:

"If you want to use Instagram or if you want to use Facebook, you are kept up to date."

They discussed their difficult experiences with many of & # 39; s great social media apps along with Google & # 39; s intensive surveillance and tracking and pointed to a recent $ 5 billion lawsuit filed against Google for tracking users, even in privacy mode, without permission.

Rogan said that by accident, an ad discovered a product worth exploring and Watts immediately referred to the Brave browser as his preference browser to prevent tracking:

"I'll go to Brave, a private browser, and I'll look up the product there."

Rogan said he also used Brave along with Duck Duck Go, which Watts said was "not so good" Brave since "searching the search engine." Watts even responded to a future involving blockchain technology as a whole, saying, "The future is divided."

Brave decision

The Brave browser, developed by Javascript creator and Mozilla founder Brendan Eich, is similar to Google Chrome but has a privacy centric twist. Users can navigate the Internet without being tracked or skipped with ads. Users can also opt for select ads and receive cryptocurrency rewards in the form of BAT tokens.

Earlier this week, Brave reached more than 15 million active users, growing 125% last year, with more than 5 million daily users.

The Joe Rogan podcast is no stranger to cryptocurrency guests, including Bitcoin expert and best-selling author Andreas Antonopoulos and & # 39; former Dogecoin CEO & # 39; Elon Musk.

Hive's transactions take over Steem's when Splinterlands joins Rebellion


The most popular decentralized application (DApp) on Steem – a crypto-driven card trading game called Splinterlands – has become the latest high-profile migration to rebel Steem fork, Hive.

As a result, the number of daily transactions on Steem has dropped by a third to fall below Hive & # 39; s. Hive is a Steem community store founded on the acquisition of Steemit Inc by Tron founder Justin Sun.

The migration was a response to a surprisingly hard fork that was launched in late May to release the tokens of former Steem block validators. Splinterlands wrote at the time it participated in the uprising:

“This presents a huge, and unacceptable risk to the game. We cannot continue to work on a chain where the changes are not public and we do not have enough time to test and monitor. "

Steem's top game moves to Hive

Splinterlands announced the successful migration on June 2, and & # 39; Splinterlandians & # 39; Encourage to rejoice in the midst of & # 39; movement. The decision appears to have been received positively by many of the game's players, with some users anecdotal report improved performance after the transition.

According to DappRadar, Splinterlands has more than 4,872 active daily users and 5,560 weekly users. The game has produced nearly 788,400 transactions in the past seven days – indicating that migration has not affected Splinterlands user base.

Splinterlands migration drives down Steem transactions

Data released to Hive-based decentralized blog platform PeakD on June 3 indicates that the relocation of Splinterlands to Hive had a significant impact on the number of daily transactions taking place on Steem, which fell from nearly 600,000 to less then 400,000 in the middle of & # 39; migration.

Daily transactions on Steam: PeakD

As a result of & # 39; s corresponding spike in Hive activity, transactions have increased above 400,000 – Steem acquired for the first time.

Daily transactions on Hive: PeakD

Hive's tokens are also better than Steem's, with HIVE currently trading hands for $ 0.246 while STEEM is trading for $ 0.207.

Podcast host Matt Forde tells of his joy in leaving his home after being attracted


Comedy and podcast host Matt Forde has told of his joy about being able to leave the house for the first time since lockdown.

Forde – who is the host of The Political Party – had spent almost 11 weeks at home protected by government advice for those who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus.

When the guidance was updated, Forde was allowed to leave his flat for a two-and-a-half-hour walk – and said he would remember it "for the rest of my life."

Comedy and podcast host Matt Forde has told of his joy about being able to leave his home for the first time since lockdown was imposed (Avalon / PA)

He told the PA agency: & # 39; I'm apparently still alert and cautious when I'm there, but I didn't expect it to be such a grueling, overwhelming experience.

“The last time I went to my local park was March. It was angry, it was muddy and I couldn't run over parts of it. Well, it's dry. The grass is golden and the soil is parched.

& # 39; Of course I knew the seasons had changed, because I had windows. But actually go and see, this landscape that used to be barren and all the leaves of trees, and now it's suddenly this lush, green, summer experience. "

Forde, whose podcast appearances included political heavyweights, including Nicola Sturgeon, Ken Clarke, George Osborne and Tony Blair, said colors appeared more vivid after his longer spell indoors, while smells also seemed more intense.

He added: & # 39; It was overwhelming. It was like waking up from a coma and the world was a little changed. "

The Forde podcast, known for its mix of humor and serious political analysis, has to do with the Covid-19 crisis as it has worked out.

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and influential political scientist Philip Tetlock have been among the guests. Forde said it was more important than ever to provide the public with a balanced source of information.

“In a time like this, information is so important and the way people get their information is so important. So many channels and organs are so partisan that I think people worry about things that they can't trust, "he said.

"Of course I have my own political opinions. I don't hide them, but I try and be as reasonable as I can be with every guest."

You can listen to The Political Party With Matt Forde on all major podcast platforms and Forde's posted tour dates can be found on Mattforde.com

What the papers say – June 4th


Madeleine McCann has returned to the nation's front page after a new revelation by German police.

'Crypto mother' nominated to serve as SEC commissioner until 2025


President Trump has nominated Hester Peirce to be a member of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a second term that ends in 2025. Pierce is affectionately called "Crypto Mom" ​​to be one of & # 39; most enthusiastic supporters of cryptocurrency at the SEC.

In an announcement on & # 39; website of & # 39; e White House on June 2, the US Department of State said it had sent ten nominations for unfilled positions as those who did not approve of & # 39; e Senate were for approval, and one withdrawn.

Among the names proposed was Peirce, who has served as one of five commissioners for the SEC since 2018. Her first term was scheduled to end June 4, but this nomination ⁠ – if approved by the Senate – would have her in office until June 5, 2025.

Secure port for token projects

Peirce is known in the & # 39; crypto community for proposing a secure port of SEC registration for decentralized token projects in February. The proposal would allow network developers a three-year grace period to build a decentralized network and attract participants before being subject to SEC regulations.

She has sometimes been the only voice on the committee that advocates digital currency. When the SEC in February rejected New York-based company Wilshire Phoenix & # 39; s Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Group (ETF), Peirce publicly disagreed, saying the other members denied American investors access to Bitcoin (BTC). In March 2019, they also advocated in favor of self-regulation for cryptocurrency markets.

Handful of cases of Covid-19 found when Wuhan tested 10 million inhabitants


Nearly 10 million people have been tested for coronavirus as part of a three-week blast in Wuhan, where Covid-19 was first discovered last year.

Only 300 positive cases were found with all showing no symptoms, health authorities said.

The city did not find infections among 1,174 close contacts of people who tested positive, suggesting they would not easily spread the virus to others.

This is a potentially stimulating development because of widespread concern that infected people without symptoms could be silent spreaders of the disease.

Feng Zijian, vice director of China & # 39; s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told state broadcaster CCTV: "It not only eases Wuhan people at their convenience, it also increases people's confidence in China."

There is still no definitive response to the level of risk posed by asymptomatic cases, with hitherto anecdotal evidence and studies that produce conflicting responses.

Wuhan was by far the most hit city in China, accounting for more than 80% of the country's deaths, according to government figures.

Global coronavirus cases and deaths (PA Graphics)

A city official announced on Tuesday that the city completed 9.9 million tests from May 14 to June 1.

As the earlier tests are included, virtually anyone over the age of five in 11,000 people in the city has been tested, said Li Lanjuan, a member of an expert team for the National Health Commission.

"The city of Wuhan is safe," she said at a news conference with city officials.

The campaign was launched after a small cluster of cases was found in a residential complex, causing concern about a possible second wave of infections when Wuhan emerged from a 10-week lockdown.

The industrial city on & # 39; the Yangtze River in central China comprises 900 million yuan (about £ 100 million) to & # 39; e tests, said the official Xinhua News Agency.

It quoted executive acting mayor Hu Yabo that the costs were "totally worth" to trust residents, and lift a "psychological lockdown".

Clarence Tam, an assistant professor of public health at the National University of Singapore, said the results are reassuring, but said more information is needed on the value of this type of mass screening when the risk is low.

Virus Outbreak China "data-title =" Virus Outbreak China "data-copyright-holder =" AP "data-copyright-notice =" AP / Press Association Images "data-credit =" Naohiko Hatta "data-usage-terms =" UK only "srcset =" https://image.assets.pressassociation.io/v2/image/production/cd50b625f993a78cadbbbccd788c13c5Y29udGVudHNlYXJjaCwxNTkxMzIyMjg5/2.53848380.jpg?wassage/assage /production/cd50b625f993a78cadbbbccd788c13c5Y29udGVudHNlYXJjaCwxNTkxMzIyMjg5/2.53848380.jpg?w=640 640W, https: / /image.assets.pressassociation.io/v2/image/production/cd50b625f993a78cadbbbccd788c13c5Y29udGVudHNlYXJjaCwxNTkxMzIyMjg5/2.53848380.jpg?w=1280 1280w (max): 76 (max) width: 1071px) 543px, 580px "/>
<figcaption>A baby with a facial shield waits on board an aircraft at an airport in Wuhan (Kyodo News / AP)</figcaption></figure>
<p>He notes that the tests, although generally accurate, sometimes give a positive result to uninfected people, and the very low number in Wuhan was well within the range of expected error.</p>
<p>"As more countries adopt mass screening strategies, it will be a challenge to seize the opportunities to detect false positions," Mr Tam said.</p>
<p>"This has some implications, for example, in Wuhan those who did not test positive and more than 1,000 of their contacts were quarantined."</p>
<p>The rapid testing of so many people was partially made possible through batch tests, in which samples of up to five people were mixed together, Xinhua reports.</p>
<p>If the result is positive, then the people are tested individually.</p>



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Walmart China Subsidiary works with VeChain to track food products


Sam & # 39; s Club, a China-based Walmart subsidiary, has partnered with blockchain-based supply chain management platform VeChain (VET) to find rail products sold through the store chain.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will assist in the Sam & # 39; s Club Blockchain Traceability Platform project, which is intended to both ensure food security and provide greater transparency to consumers in China.

Since mid-2019, PwC China and Walmart China have developed a traceability platform on the VeChain blockchain called the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform.

Sam's Club has 2.5 million customers

Sam's Club is a single membership-only retail chain serving 26 stores in China with an estimated customer base of more than 2.5 million people. The chain is expected to launch another 15 to 20 new stores by the end of 2022.

Sam's Club will use a customized version of VeChain's ToolChain platform alongside software sensors, hardware sensors and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies to automatically upload data from across the company's supply chain to the blockchain.

Customers can then access detailed information about the origin of products in the & # 39; store by scanning QR codes printed on & # 39; e packaging for goods from Sam & # 39; s Club.

VeChain doubles down on food traceability

In an announcement released on June 2, VeChain noted that Sam & # 39; s Club has recently increased its range of premium foods, "including imported seafood, meat, wine and dry goods."

VeChain emphasizes the "long-term pain points in transportation for fresh food, product selection, transparency and visibility of product information", and demonstrates the effectiveness of blockchain solutions in addressing such issues.

In November 2019, VeChain unveiled 'Foodgates', a blockchain-based tracking system designed for the food and drink sector. The company highlighted that DLT traceability platforms for food and other products stood to benefit from China's increasingly pro-blockchain position.

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