About Gino Leo – Shining Bright in Business Consultancy and Philanthropy

Gino Leo - Freelance Consultant and BloggerGino Leo is a leading entrepreneur, professional business consultant, philanthropist, motivational speaker and decorated author. Born in 1970, in Arizona Texas, Gino Leo studied Bachelor of Commerce at the University of California, San Francisco where he graduated top of his class. As a result, he secured a prestigious internship in a leading business consultancy firm in California. This internship formed a solid bedrock onto which his success in business and life, in general, do lie. He would, later on, enroll for a Master’s in Business Administration at the Harvard School of Business. At the institution, ha was involved in students politics which saw him become president, a position he used to his advantage to horn his exemplary leadership skills. Mr. Gino Leo also published several well-written and well-researched in the institution’s magazine, The Harvard Crimson. These articles mostly revolved around the evolution of business consultancy.

On completing his master’s program, the father of two daughters, Maxine and Laurine, didn’t look for a job. Instead of dropping his CV at the doorstep of every potential employer, Mr. Gino Leo took a risky plunge and started a private business consultancy firm in California named Prime Business Consultants. He co-founded this business with his former classmate at Harvard, Nick Michener. Formed at a time when big budget consultancies were coming up, Prime Business Consultants had a tough time staking its claim in the market. However, after two years of trial and error, Adam and Nick finally struck gold when a leading bank in California contracted their services. They did the job so well that they were the talk of everyone in business circles, admirers, and haters alike. Since then, the company grew beyond measure. In 2015, the firm was ranked 20th in Forbes list of Fortunes 500 companies. Adam has been the keynote speaker in uncountable international forums on business consultancy where he addressed leaders of global blue chip corporations. He has also written captivating books on business consultancy key among them being The Art of Business’ which has played a significant role in building his entrepreneurial profile.

Gino Leo has also co-founded other business consultancy firms including The Denis Consultancy, BusinessFire, Mind Money and SuccessWay Inc. All of these companies are making a kill in the world of business consultancy.

Owing to his immense potential in business, Mr. Gino Leo didn’t stop in business consultancy. He has invested heavily in real estate. Through the company, AdamWorks, he owns several high rising buildings decorating the Manhattan skyline. Besides, he is big in the business of renting warehouses to companies operating in the main American cities. In 2015, Gino Leo sent tongues wagging in the world of real estate when it was revealed that he owned The Adam Towers, a formidable skyscraper in Hong Kong, an international business district.

Gino Leo isn’t just about lining his pockets with billions and billions of dollars. He is a well-known altruist. He runs various foundations including but not limited to HaveHope Foundation, YesToCare, and BetterHealth. These foundations focus on helping cancer patients all over the care access affordable but effective health care. Moreover, in spite of his busy schedule, he is a volunteer piano teacher in his home church.

In a recent interview with CNN, Mr. Gino Leo stated that his greatest passion is starting businesses and helping other people convert their ideas into reality. The ability of Mr. Monroe to start businesses isn’t in doubt, so is his zeal to help committed individuals to transform ideas into businesses. Gino Leo runs a business incubation facility in New York called New York Business Innovation and Incubation Centre.’ This service targets start-up entrepreneurs in all fields of business. It supports these budding entrepreneurs financially, through coaching and mentorship as well as the provision of office spaces. The New York Business Innovation and Incubation Centre helps hardworking citizens realize the American dream. Sources say that plans to set up a similar facility in African are at an advanced stage. This would be a significant boost to prospective entrepreneurs in the continent whose potential go to waste due to lack of adequate specialized business support.

Business and philanthropy aside, Gino Leo is an art, painting and cooking hobbyist. His wife, Tarah, who helps him run the humanitarian foundations, describes him as a disciplined and loving man committed to making the world a better place.

Gino Leo is a business leader and a humanitarian to be emulated.