People don’t buy your product, they buy your idea!

Customers depending on the country they are in have different preferences when it comes to products and it is up to businesses to cater to their market’s needs. Whenever customers make a choice and pick your product out of the thousands that are on the market, it is not because your business is offering them value for money, the cheapest deals or the advertising of your product was done right. The main thing that attracts them to your product and business is your idea. Customers buy you and are very happy to continue doing especially if they believe, trust and like you. They will buy you first and everything else will come second. It is important for you as a business owner to recognize that the product that you give to your customers is only a small piece of the puzzle of the overall sales process.

Most businesses often wonder why customers spend their hard earned money on their services or goods, refer their family or friend to the services or products and keep coming back over and over again. They answer to that is simple really. It is simply because those customers your business attracts feel so strongly about what you are offering to them and how the overall service or the product makes them feel during the buying and selling process. If customers are not big fans of how you are marketing your product to them, they will look at the competition to see if they can get the feeling they are looking for from there so it is very important to market your products or services to the right people in the right way.

Business Idea sold - Not the Products - by Gino LeoSell your idea and yourself with confidence because if you do not believe in your idea, skills, yourself and talents then there is no way consumers on the market will feel the exact same way about what you and your business have to offer to them. Always keep in mind that what customers are buying at the end of the day is who you are first and product second. It does not matter what industry you are operating in, the overall sales process is there every single day. The success or failure of your business in terms of its practices, model and how much profits you make on weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on how good you show confidence to your customers.

Many businesses and owners across the world put plenty of effort on selling products or their organizations rather than focus how they are seen or presenting themselves in the eyes of their customers. Always remember that you are part of the overall picture and presentation of what customer buy. Every single move that you make and all the thing that you are saying or say on a public forum can have a negative or positive effect on your business moving forward. You can either attract more customers or put off the existing ones as well as any potential ones. Communication is very important and the channels that you choose to communicate with your customers can affect the credibility, authority, and trust you have in your field of operation.

The way that you show up at certain situations speaks volumes and sends signals about how much you believe in yourself and your confidence. Belief in the business world in very important because if you do not have belief in yourself and what you are offering then there is little chance customers will believe in it either. You need to have your game face on and have a positive state of mind all the time at each stage of a sales process especially the beginning. It does not matter whether you are pitching a proposal, a service, an idea or product; it is all business and selling at the end of the day. Selling as a skill is a very important quality to have and it needs to be perfect at every opportunity in order for your business to succeed. Your business might fail if you choose to not embrace this as part of your business model.

In the business world what you put in is exactly what you will get back, however; many business owners think they are doing a good job without having any idea of what kind of signals they are dishing out. It does not matter how great your service or product is, how good of a salesperson you are or how hard you are working, if you are showing a lack of confidence in the eyes of your customers, you will put them off embracing your idea and product. If this is the case then your business will not survive very long unless something is done and you display high levels of confidence.

For you as a business owner and your organization to attract customers and get them to buy you, you have to buy yourself first. What this statement simply means is build you confidence first. It is hard work to do that because there are no secrets to it or shortcuts. If you are confident in yourself and your operations, you will have no problems succeeding in the business world. You have to pay close attention to what you are dishing out to customers and how they are receiving it. You have to make customer moving in your direction not away from you. Always keep in mind that the confidence you display to customers will inspire them to be confident too. It is that simple and straight forward.

Gino Leo

Gino Leo is a leading entrepreneur, professional business consultant, philanthropist, motivational speaker and decorated author. Born in 1970, in Arizona Texas, Gino Leo studied Bachelor of Commerce at the University of California, San Francisco where he graduated top of his class. As a result, he secured a prestigious internship in a leading business consultancy firm in California.

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