When we finally left MTV's reality show The challenge, a team consisting of CT, Dee, Jordan and Rogan claimed victory after a wild season.

This time? It's every competitor for himself and himself Total Madness, as 28 of & # 39; s best veterinarians and some very talented rookies compete for a million-dollar prize while living in an underground bunker.

As always, we do our resident work Challenge businessman Charles Curtis to rank the competition after each week.


This Week: It's trivia week, which is always entertaining. Then? Two amazing greats go head to head in elimination.

Red dishes

(Note: instead of writing "they have a red skull" over and over, I just grouped everyone with and without them)

1. Johnny Bananas

Wow. When I talked to Johnny in April, he had this to say about working with Wes:

& # 39; It's a very great outcome when all is said and done. You couldn't script the path that unpacked it all. & # 39;

DONE. Johnny played his hand perfectly, working with Wes until he could no longer wait to enter, figuring out how he would be voted into elimination and win against his longtime rival turned friend.

And now he has his ticket to the finals, where the GOAT is currently the favorite.

2. Jenny

Not much changed in this ep, except it feels like we might get a Jenny-Dee showdown shortly.

3. Rogan

I have to give him some serious credit. He has played the political game really well, we saw him strategize his way to the Tribunal by working with Wes, he answered his trivia questions correctly. He is definitely one of & # 39; s favorites and could go back-to-back.

4. Fessy

So it's a rookie.

5. Kaycee

She got a few strikes against her in Thrown Off without doing anything, but I just pushed her up a spot, so she & # 39; s getting more comfortable and better each week.

6. Dee

She made another tribunal. As long as she doesn't ship Jenny to Purgatory, it will be fine for her.

7. Nelson

Because of a disaster or a twist in the game, I don't see him throw in another elimination for the final.

8. Aneesa

The same with them, and after & # 39; I see them tired of & # 39; holding the rocket in & # 39; e this week's challenge, I worry about how they will fall into a final.

Non-red dishes

9. Mattie

She'll be pressuring her to go to Purgatory next week, guaranteed (not a lot of prediction, to & # 39; t tick the clock at this point, but still!).

10. Cory

I would have to beat him for not putting as much of a fight to get into Purgatory as he should have. But of the four men left, he probably has the best shot to defeat the rest of those left who are without the Red Skulls.

11. Nany

I have been holding them for the last few weeks, but the fact that their & # 39; holy trinity & # 39; is broken, maybe – as she said – that helps her.

12. Bayleigh

I would love to see her give it a Purgatory, and new week is possibly her last shot.

13. Swaggy C

The tricky thing about a rookie is finding out the game halfway through the season, and it feels like he might be shut down at the end of the season.

14. Kyle

As a veterinarian, he is in some way elbowing out of making every move.

15. Melissa

I don't see her coming into a Purgatory and winning.

16. Josh

I could see him coming into a Purgatory and losing.

17. West

What an absolutely brilliant heartbreaker for him. He played perfectly this season, and that included teaming with Johnny. But you knew at one point that he and Bananas had to separate their partnership, and that one of them would be at the wrong end. I just can't wait for future seasons to see these two friends again.

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