One Night Records Comes To London (Photo: One Night Records)

Music lovers will miss a summer filled with performances and festivals because of the coronavirus pandemic, but a new immersive music experience is set to fill the void.

One Night Records promises a socially distant experience is a brand new music and event venue that opened in October 2020 in a secret location.

Visitors will be brought back in time as they visit the secret location in London Bridge for six unique concert experiences – all at a safe distance from each other, of course.

Friends and family groups will have the opportunity to enjoy an evening together traveling through a maze of hidden tunnels to a secret world of live music that did not exist during the decades of the & # 39; 1920s & # 39; e 1950s.

The experience will be open to groups of up to four family members or friends who will get to enjoy live music, food and drink as they travel through the specially assembled musical journey.

Groups are restricted and dispersed throughout the night to ensure that social distance guidelines are set up, and visitors will be given masks to wear through the high-level entrance experience.

The immersive experience will see visitors transported from the 1920s to the 1950s through music (Image: One Night Records)

Managing Director Tim Wilson, who also founded VAULT Festival and is a long-time employee with Secret Cinema, said: "We will do it safely, but we will bring people back together and we will give them a great night.

& # 39; Social distance is part of & # 39; a show so guests don’t notice it. We want to give Londoners something to book and look out for now. & # 39;

Visitors will be able to enjoy live music in a variety of shows including Rock & Roll, Blues, Ragtime and Jazz as they travel through the decades.

One Night Records opens on Friday, October 2 and continues through Thursday, December 31 with tickets available Thursday, June 4 at

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