Drew Brees failed to clear the room. At a time when it's probably best for white people to just shut down and listen to black voices talk about their experience in the United States, the New Orleans Saints quarterback decided to take a different route and take a old wound to open.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Brees was asked about his opinion on NFL players who kneel in protesting racial injustice and police brutality while playing the national anthem, and after he explained what the national anthem was symbolized him personally, he answered & # 39; didn't read the question:

It didn't take long before this video started making the rounds and attracted reaction from players from across the NFL, including his own teammates. Michael Thomas was the first to sound his quarterback.

New Saints receiver Emmanuel Sanders was not far behind.

Some former teammates also chimed.

And apparently the rest of the NFL joined them, criticizing Brees for an ignorant take that doesn't deserve all the criticism it deserves.

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