The man sat on top of the bridge for three hours before convincing him to get through police (Image: EPA)

It was expected a man was rescued after climbing to the top of Brooklyn Bridge and threatening to jump.

The individual, who is believed to be in his 30s, scaled the steel wire suspension bridge just before 12 o'clock on Friday, New York Police Department officials said.

He remained at the top for three hours, with about a dozen police officers trying to lure him, the New York Post reports.

Officers used their 'negotiation skills' to convince the man to come down voluntarily at 3 p.m., Lt. Michael Licitra of & # 39; the Emergency Services Unit of & # 39; a NYPD.

He was then taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

The famous tourist site was closed in both directions during the incident.

It comes after another man was shot from jumping on the Brooklyn Bridge in December.

The individual was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation (Photo: EPA)

An online video showed the driver screaming: 'Boss, run back! It's not worth your life! Get off the bridge! & # 39;

He kept screaming: 'You can change everything in your life! Everything! It's not worth it! Turn around, bro! & # 39;

The man was taken into custody by police and a civilian and transported to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital for treatment, a NYPD spokesman later confirmed.

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