Fallout 76: Wastelanders – still full of lost potential (image: Bethesda)

A reader explains why they are so disappointed about the Wastelanders expansion for Fallout 76 and Bethesda's attitude to monetization.

This will be a rant about Fallout 76.

I have played Fallout 76 on and off since launch and was, like most others, excited for the Wastelanders expansion. While I enjoyed & # 39; the main line of & # 39; question, I am extremely disappointed with the endgame. Now, Bethesda has announced from the beginning that the game misses a single name. People have been vocal about it since they reached the end of the game.

I assumed they would solve this with Wastelanders and lose. They didn't. Their idea of ​​an end game is three daily quests. Three daily quests that are so simplistic and singular that I spend more time on rigid screens of fast travel, then I actually play the content.

If that wasn't bad enough, they decided to limit the vast majority of new rewards behind this. To have the ability to unlock most of the new stuff, you need to complete the same menial stuff about 30 times to get maximum rank in & # 39; fractions. That's 30 days of doing these dailies, so you can only do them once a day. Dailies are, in my opinion, easily the worst content in the game.

It's unclear why this is the endgame. They want people to be exposed to the atomic shop as much and as often as possible.

To make this even worse, all new rifles and weapons that you eventually get to unlock are unmanageable. That you can't put it up for sale at your own machine. Clearly, for 30 days, they do not want people overpowering their manual busy work.

That, in my opinion, throws up a bad taste. It's one thing to have microtransactions (wildly expensive), it's very different to design gameplay on monetization ahead of fun and challenging content.

As if that's not all, they have their & # 39; roadmap & # 39; just announced. Guys what one of the first things we get? A battle pass! What a shock!

Good answer for not having any content. More gravel!
That this slaughter pass has 100 tiers and judging by what they said, it will take 150 hours to complete. In a time frame of 10 weeks. Completely untouchable for me, even if they had good content before you completed the quests.

Of course, you can pass 150 atoms to skip a tiger. Of course you can. But hey, you can get free atoms while playing, right? Now, coincidentally, they will refine that ability! So now daily and weekly challenges will score you a & # 39; allow you to rank your slaughter pass instead of atoms to spend in the atomic store.

I know people will say, & # 39; But you will get cosmetics in & # 39; a slaughter pass & # 39 ;. Clearly, but not what you should choose. What use is a gun skin if you do not use guns? It removes the choice of player. Now you apparently earn atoms through the battle pass. But even by their own talents, not so much. And who knows on what rank?

I do not like battle passes, in my opinion they try people's addicted tendencies and really push you to feel like you have to grind not to miss. I know all too well about Season 2 of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. I was at 92 & # 39; slaughter pass and felt the need to play three hours last night to get to 100, I didn't miss that.

It's clear that Bethesda is banking.

This is all on top of an overpriced atomic store and a very expensive subscription model. Pay £ 100 a year for access to an unlimited scrapbox, instead of a limited one in the main game, and a private server.

This hot game feels explosive at this point and highly anti-consumer. It feels like a pure cash grab and nothing more. I do not ask for free goods. I'd rather pay a preferential fee for Wastelanders, to be honest. The same as the content for last year. But that won't make as much as Bethesda expects from his players, I'm afraid. Who knows what is enough?

I enjoy how Bethesda is now. With Fallout 76 is the implementation of the Creation Club in Fallout 4 and Skyrim, as well as with Blades. It all feels so anti-consumer. They drag favorite franchises through it all and it all leaves such a bad taste in my mouth.

By reader Matt

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