5 Tips to Increase Productivity at Work Place


The need for higher productivity has been augmented by customer expectations, globalization, and technological advances. Productivity can be explained as for how well a firm or organization changes it input into output, that is, services and goods.an improvement in the workforce productivity can boost a company’s bottom line. Using limited resources to increase productivity makes a company successful in the long run. One can look for prospects to improve efficiency anywhere in the company. Productivity is simply making smart choices.

Modern Technologies

First, it is important to use technology to make improvements in productivity. Technologies that are web-based enable an individual to improve how to run a firm dramatically. It is important that an individual finds ways of increasing the market share, antagonistically pursue cost decline or efficacy that is greater or avert customer service issues. Production management apparatus may range from spreadsheets to software answers that are off-the-shelf or custom-developed, organizational specific applications. For example, companies can employ E-purchasing or online buying which is an alternative which can be used to get materials from suppliers. Second, the company can also use smart inventory control systems which can assist reduce levels of inventory, improve profits, and speed up client reaction time. Order and online management systems integrate inventory information with the firm’s purchasing, e-business, and accounting systems so that tracking the order status and inventory movement within the organization becomes easy.

Review Existing Management Setup

Second, productivity could be increased by reviewing the existing setup. It is important t that the processes and procedures set in the company be looked at from a perception of a potential investor. This ought to be done keeping in mind the general goals and vision of the organization and make sure the procedures meet add value and meet the objectives. Further, the company ought to have an accurate map that is drawn considering every process in the information and material flow. This ensures that there is better comprehension of the associations between different elements of the production. It also enhances the company to be better equipped to spot and remove waste throughout the firm. When a company is able to review the existing setup, it will be able to implement a continuous approach of improvement. This is because enhancing productivity is an activity that is ongoing. One can start by assessing the best practices and the competition in the industry. It is important to avoid duplicating the plans of other businesses but rather have original plans that work for an organization. Besides, the company can get external assistance to assess the strengths and the weakness of the firm.This gives the company a goal perception from which productivity can be improved and procedures redesigned.

Break and Entertainment

Third, involves taking breaks. There are aches experienced in the brain when working for a long time. This is because the brain uses the glucose available in the blood. It is noted that many people confuse this for a good feeling instead of a time to take a break. It is important that when this feeling occurs, one grabs something to eat like snacks and soft drinks, take a walk, meditate, or workout. This gives the brain some resting away from the company’s tasks that are tedious. Breaks are also important such that while meditating outside work, one can get new ideas concerning the increase of production in the company. The new ideas can be very useful in the company’s production. Making a point of frequently clearing the head in a day could enhance the productivity of a company. A worker goes back to the company after clearing the head with much energy and ready to reach for greater effectiveness.

Latest Communication Tools

Four, the company can incorporate communication equipment for the better transfer of information from place to place and person to person. The modern workforce is quite comfortable with all forms of communication tools. For instance, online chats, text messaging, bulletin boards and emailing are examples of communication tools in a company.Communication can also enhance the flow of information concerning production like the market demands. The company can also enable the clients or the customers to make an order of goods and services via social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These are communication platforms that enhance productivity in a company. Organizations have the ability to harness the communication power to increase productivity by simply offering the workforce with the right equipment. The addition of a work-friendly instant messaging program permits workers to communicate with each other without wasting time with desk visits and missed links. Utilizing the calendar feature of an email program makes scheduling meetings easier, faster, and productive. By harnessing the equipment, firm owners can cut costs and increase productivity.

Flexibility and Time Management

Lastly, the company should use schedules that are flexible. It is bad for an organization’s productivity and morale to require the workforce to stick to the same rigid schedule irrespective of the actual company needs or job function. It is better to permit the workers to have flexible schedules and hours of working can actually increase productivity, encourage workers to do more for the firm, and develop loyalty. A good example is allowing some of the employees to work from home. This can majorly assist in boosting their morale and increase their effectiveness. Some evaluations indicate that workers who work from home experience less stress and clock more hours while working than their counterparts in the office. Participation in arrangements that are formal involves time that is flexible promotes a sense amongst the workers that they have the discretion to fit responsibilities that are job-related in their wider lives, the discretion results to less burnout and stress. Moreover, flexible schedules reduce negative spillover. Spillover is a procedure by which behavior and attitudes carry over from one role to another. Spillover between family and work life can be considered as positive or negative, that is, work-family enhancement or work-family conflict. For example, negative spillover can enhance psychological stress carry over into home due to long hours at work while it might increase financial security and prospects for a family.

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