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Assetz Capital is one of & # 39; few CBILS accredited lenders and hopes to even use government funding.

Image source: Stuart Law / Assetz Capital

Peer-to-peer lending platform Assetz Capital has launched a £ 1m crowdfunding round that it hopes will be matched by the government-backed Future Fund.

The Manchester-based money launderer hopes to raise a minimum of £ 500,000, with a £ 1 million goal, through his fourth crowdfunding effort on Seedrs.

Stuart Law, CEO of Assetz Capital, said AltFi: "I think crowdfunding fits in better with our growth plans this year and we are now looking to raise money, because we & # 39; t have the benefit of the Future Fund to go with the Seedrs increase."

"We've raised about £ 7 million through Seedrs over the past three rounds, so it's a natural step to get back to them, and it's certainly the fastest way to get funding."

Loans provided under the Future Fund range from £ 125,000 to £ 5 million, and specifically, the new program is designed to match capital already invested by VC & # 39; s as angel investors.

To be eligible for the scheme, companies must have raised at least £ 250,000 in equity investment from outside investors in the last five years, and it is up to & # 39; e investors to ask for the funds as opposed to the companies.

Law went by emphasizing the speed it needs to gain access to the Government's Future Future Government, which is committed to helping businesses that don't have access to other loan schemes. 39; s with Government.

"The Future Fund won't be forever," Law said AltFi, "You may not get financing if you leave it too long, which is why we want to start right away and instead of starting with other investors from the beginning, we have decided to move to our existing investor base."

By law, Assetz Capital has helped build every 1 in 100 homes in the UK for the past two years.

The lending platform has also lent over £ 1 billion, £ 600 million of which was targeted to the & # 39; housing sector.

With the latest funding, Assetz Capital also hopes to support its non-CBILS loans and raise its principal.

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