Google Trends shared a list of & # 39; top "how do you spell …" searches by state in 2020, and the results will give you a boost of confidence, or you'll feel deep shame, depending on where & # 39; t you live.

There are a few recurring words at the top, most pandemic-related, such as "quarantine" and "canceled." That's no big surprise, and hey, figuring out the number of L & # 39; s canceled can be daunting.

The people of Kansas, Washington D.C. and Virginia, however, have some explanation to do. Many Kansans have apparently not yet figured out how to spell "cook". Cook! It probably gets worse. A shocking amount of Virginians are unsure how to spell the name of their own state, while people in & # 39; the capital of & # 39; need a nation with the word "people."

I'm giving Kentucky a pass here with "Gray," because the greedy / greedy debate will continue forever. But "grandmother," Connecticut? Really? Let's all do better next year.

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