James melts our hearts (Photo: Channel 4)

The episode of & # 39; Evening of First Dates Hotel was a real tear jerker, about & # 39; one participant to & # 39; e public disclosure was that his mother died suddenly in August.

Chef James had a lovely dinner with actor Jamie, with the couple who got to know each other over some deep conversations.

James opened up to discover that his mother died suddenly less than a year ago.

He said she hadn't really been sick and that it was all unexpected.

& # 39; She went to the doctors Friday morning and died that night, & # 39; he said.

'My dad reached out to tell me. He said they found mum and they did not breathe. & # 39;

James's mother thus died of internal bleeding in her stomach. She was 58 years old.

James opens up to his date, actor Jamie (Photo: Channel 4)

He went on: 'I went to her house and the police gave me the jewelry that she had worn.

& # 39; The last thing I sent them on Whatsapp was & # 39; I love you so much & # 39 ;. She was online but didn't read it. Hopefully they just played hard to get. & # 39;

Referring to his decision to arrive on First Dates, he added: & # 39; She would be so happy that I did this. & # 39;

As you can imagine, James' story sets us all apart.

His story about his mother's passing was really heartbreaking (Photo: Channel 4)

"Why am I crying about First Dates what happens!" One person said.

Another viewer added: & # 39; His little face was screaming for the loss of his mother, I'm gone, clueless to him. & # 39;

& # 39; First Dates Hotel makes me cry every time, & # 39; said another Twitter user.

James and Jamie didn't romanticize it at the end.

James and Jamie did not live together (Photo: Channel 4)

They would have a second date, but James thought they were not very kind to each other.

James said to Jamie, & # 39; I think we should just be friends – I think you need more reassurance than I can give you. & # 39;

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Jamie seemed to take good care of them and the two continued to enjoy the sun as friends.

The end of & # 39; the show, in fact, allowed James to stay in & # 39; e First Dates Hotel for another shot at finding love.

First Dates Hotel returns to Channel 4 on Thursday at 9 p.m.

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