Word has been around for a while that Sega & # 39; s had some big news planned for this week, and it is leading with the announcement of a very small console – the Game Gear Micro, which comes in four variants in Japan to Marking 30th anniversary of Sega's only dedicated portable system.

Finally on October 6 (in Japan only for now – we have yet to hear about plans for a western release, and given how eccentric this diminutive machine is, we would be surprised to hear one), the four variants each come with they own four games, which means you have to collect all four to get the full catalog.

It's a decent list, though, with developer Ancient & # 39; s takeover of Sonic the Hedgehog – for my money, one of & # 39; s hottest Sonic games – that & # 39; t lead the way on & # 39; a black version of Game Gear Micro, in addition to Puyo Puyotsu, Outrun and Royal Stone (known as Crystal Warriors in the west). The yellow edition is something of a special Shining Force, in which & # 39; s three of Sega & # 39; s RPG & # 39; s bundled with Nazo Puyo: Arle no Roux, a puzzle / RPG hybrid.

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This is an Atlus special with the red edition giving us two Megami Tensei games alongside GG Shinobi and Columns, while the final variant offers Sonic and Tails, the incredible puzzler Baku Baku Animal and Sylvan Tail next to the Game Gear port of Gunstar Heroes.

Adding a bit of clean symmetry to Game Gear Micro, and that version of Gunstar Heroes helped Developer M2 on & # 39; a card, and it's M2 that looks like this device, just like it did with the Mega Drive Mini.

This is a peculiar device, with a screen that is only one inch wide (there will be an enlargement accessory available, but I wish they had made the screen a decent size to begin with). However, the Game Gear Micro trumps its predecessor in potentially offering up to three hours of battery life from two AAA batteries, some improvement over the one hour of six AA batteries that didn't provide the original Game Gear. It's priced at 4980 yen – which roughly translates to just under 40 quid.

That's not the only Sega news to be made public as part of the company's 60th anniversary. You may have heard words of a major launch in this week's Famitsu, and although details are out now it seems to be a Japan-centric announcement, to & # 39; t Sega's & # 39; fog computing & # 39; platform unveiled which will give a spin on cloud games for Japanese arcade centers.


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