Wow Rhythm Fighter hurts my brain. It's the controls: it's like learning to type on a different keyboard. This is an easy option, but it generally puts you at a disadvantage and you can feel the game if you choose.

I go ahead myself. Rhythm Fighter is a side scrolling beat – & # 39; em-up where you & # 39; ll need to do everything in time to top music. And it looks like a comic book story. And you fight giant vegetables. And you only get one life. Get it?

OK, the controls. They don't sound awkward, but let me tell you: they don't feel natural.

You can turn left and right, and move, roll, and attack, but you cannot do this freely. You have to do it within the window of a beat. So if there is an enemy on the other side of you, you must attack against them, then attack, then retreat to & # 39; the way you look and then proceed – press each button as in & # 39; time to the music as you can manage. Hit it perfectly and you will get a damage bonus, hit it OK and the result will be OK, but mess it up and your stream is interrupted.

Those bloody roots.

However, you can forget about the difficult turnaround if you opt for the advanced control scheme, and so should you. This is where the finger band comes in. In this mode, you have two sets of moving keys – one for left to right and one for right to forward.

You know the keys with the bulky bits attached? They are J and F on my keyboard. The Rhythm Fighter keys are anchored there, which is helpful for you to feel them. Occasionally, I didn't know that these increased bits would help you to typical. I'm such an idiot. Then I learned to re-type my crazy way of typing by playing MMO's …

Anyway! On the left, you use F, D and S to move, roll and attack, and then E and R above them for special abilities. Meanwhile on the right side, you use J, K and L with I and O for special abilities, oh and U to interact with things. Do you get that? No, of course not.
But here are some enemies! Quick role behind her! Don't miss the beat! Aaaaah! It's like riding a bike with the back turned.

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Hey, I hit a boss!

But with a little practice, you get the essence of it and eventually your mind will match your fingers, allowing you to concentrate more freely on things like the beat and power-ups and attack patterns and even bosses, which I & # 39; m struggling with.

It's all so charmingly clumsy. It's the kind of game I can't wait to make someone else play, so I can chuckle at their embarrassment before blending them with my own skill. It's A Little Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, A Little Surgeon Simulator. It's striking. It's fun.


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