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Winnie the Pooh letter to go under the hammer


A letter & # 39; written & # 39; by Winnie the Poe is expected to raise a maximum of £ 6,000 at the auction.

The note was penned 85 years ago on relief stationery by Pooh illustrator E H Shepard in response to an invitation from a birthday party of an 11-year-old boy to a fictional bear.

It is secured with spells, to make it authentic, and a drawing of a screaming Poe with his friend Piglet and was sent to the son of pioneer for birth control Marie Stopes, who & # 39; s a distant friend of & # 39 was an illustrator.

The note is addressed to "Buffkins," because Dr. Stopes' son, Dr. Harry Stopes-Roe, became known as a child.

It reads: “We are sorry that we can come to your party on March 30, but we will be gone. Thank you very much for inviting us. "

The letter will be sold by the Stopes-Roe family and will be for sale on June 24 at Dominic Winter Auctioneers in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

Auctioneer Chris Albury said: "It's such a charming Winnie the Pooh collection that will be favored by thousands of Pooh and Piglet fans of all ages worldwide.

"The Marie Stopes family connection is also interesting and the friendship between Shepard and the birth control pioneer and their son will be great news."

Under the same hammer also go two pencil drawings, signed and dated in July 1929, with five-year-old Christopher Robin-lookalike Stopes-Roe climbing a tree and riding a pony.

Each drawing is expected to raise between £ 1,500 and £ 2,000.

Stopes-Roe was a well-known humanist and was married to the daughter of illustrious scientist, engineer and inventor Sir Barnes Neville Wallis. He died in 2014.

Shepard, who died in 1976, was an illustrator for Punch magazine for 50 years, though he remains best known for his Pooh illustrations.

Cricketer was jailed for rape for appeal against conviction


A cricketer prison sentence for raping a sleeping woman in his teammate's bedroom has been set to challenge his conviction at the Court of Appeal.

Alex Hepburn, 24, was jailed for five years in April last year for the attack, which took place in a flat in Worcester in 2017 in the first night of a sexual conquest competition. t he helped set up a WhatsApp group.

His appeal will be heard Thursday by Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett and two other senior judges in London.

The Australian-born former Worcestershire all-rounder was told by the prosecutor that he & # 39; escaped & # 39; has been through the contest to sleep with most women before he committed the rape at his flat in Portland Street, Worcester, on April 1, 2017.

Jailed Hepburn at Hereford Crown Court on April 30 last year, Judge Jim Tindal told the cricketer that he and former teammate Joe Clarke had agreed to a "pathetic sexist game to gather as many sexual encounters as possible," after a similar stunt of & # 39 ; the previous year.

In comments on the WhatsApp conversation group, the judge said: "You probably thought it was lascivious behavior at the time.

& # 39; In truth, it was fierce sexism.

& # 39; It killed women and trivialized rape, a word you throw light on personally.

"Only now do you realize how serious rape is."

That night, Mr. Clarke had "done nothing wrong," having consensus sex with the woman, leaving her asleep while he, feeling unwell, entered the bathroom.

It was when Hepburn came home, "alone, drunk and frustrated" that he "saw a chance" and attacked the woman, the judge said.

The judge said: "That night Joe Clarke did nothing wrong – and neither did he."

Judge Tindal said to & # 39; e cricketer and said: & # 39; You thought you were God's gift to women.

& # 39; You saw her at that moment as a piece of meat, not a woman entitled to respect.

& # 39; Sex is what people do together, with that particular person at that particular time.

& # 39; Sex is never something a man does to a woman, with arrogant assumption of consent – in a relationship, let alone when you did.

& # 39; Like she said, in evidence, & # 39; that's rape & # 39; – that's what you did.

"In that moment, you have scarred your life forever."

A jury found Hepburn guilty of oral rape during a re-trial earlier this month, but knew him of a further count of rape in connection with the same victim.

The hearing will begin Thursday at 10:30 p.m.

Manchester United transfer news: Bruno Fernandes reveals how close he came to Tottenham move


Bruno Fernandes could have been at Tottenham (Photo: Getty)

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes admits Tottenham were desperate to sign him for his move to Old Trafford, but says the club were not prepared to meet Sporting Lisbon's asking price.

The Portuguese international joined the Red Devils for an initial £ 47million in January, in a move that could eventually rise to £ 68m.

United were interested in Fernandes & # 39; signature last summer, but baulked to & # 39; a £ 75m asking price from Sporting Lisbon and decided to continue without him.

Sporting eventually dropped their appreciation and left Fernandes a relocation of & # 39; dream & # 39; to complete the Theater of Dreams.

United decided last summer against a move for Fernandes (Photo: Getty)

However, Fernandes has revealed that things could have turned out very differently when Mauricio Pochettino got his way in 2019 when Spurs held extensive talks with Sporting about his signature.

& # 39; The first club that was close to me to sign was Tottenham, & # 39; said Fernandes on Instagram Live.

'With Pochettino… But I don't know maybe they thought the amount Sporting wanted was too much, that Sporting decides at that moment that they don't want to sell.

'Tottenham arrived in the summer, but Manchester (United) was in January. Maybe Tottenham reappeared in January, but then & # 39; t I knew Manchester was interested, I just wanted to talk to Manchester.

'Manchester was my dream team in England, so I'm glad to have the opportunity to go to a team I've always (dreamed) about you.

'At that time (last summer) it was Tottenham that was closer to me. There were other teams from France, one team from the Spanish league, but for me when I spoke the first team was Manchester. & # 39;

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Although Solskjaer was envious of Fernandes last summer, the club had doubts about his ability to retain possession and doubted Sporting's £ 75 million appreciation.

However, Fernandes has put those doubts to bed after his shining start at United, but he acknowledges that the club was not fully set on him last summer.

& # 39; Manchester came in & # 39; e summer, but not as I really want (to sign me), but in January Manchester United came and said, & # 39; We need you, we want you, you need to come & # 39 ;.

'For me it was the best opportunity I had to move, the best club (offer) I had to move and the best moment I could have. It was all at the right moment. & # 39;

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Total Madness ranking to ep. 10


When we finally left MTV's reality show The challenge, a team consisting of CT, Dee, Jordan and Rogan claimed victory after a wild season.

This time? It's every competitor for himself and himself Total Madness, as 28 of & # 39; s best veterinarians and some very talented rookies compete for a million-dollar prize while living in an underground bunker.

As always, we do our resident work Challenge businessman Charles Curtis to rank the competition after each week.


This Week: It's trivia week, which is always entertaining. Then? Two amazing greats go head to head in elimination.

Red dishes

(Note: instead of writing "they have a red skull" over and over, I just grouped everyone with and without them)

1. Johnny Bananas

Wow. When I talked to Johnny in April, he had this to say about working with Wes:

& # 39; It's a very great outcome when all is said and done. You couldn't script the path that unpacked it all. & # 39;

DONE. Johnny played his hand perfectly, working with Wes until he could no longer wait to enter, figuring out how he would be voted into elimination and win against his longtime rival turned friend.

And now he has his ticket to the finals, where the GOAT is currently the favorite.

2. Jenny

Not much changed in this ep, except it feels like we might get a Jenny-Dee showdown shortly.

3. Rogan

I have to give him some serious credit. He has played the political game really well, we saw him strategize his way to the Tribunal by working with Wes, he answered his trivia questions correctly. He is definitely one of & # 39; s favorites and could go back-to-back.

4. Fessy

So it's a rookie.

5. Kaycee

She got a few strikes against her in Thrown Off without doing anything, but I just pushed her up a spot, so she & # 39; s getting more comfortable and better each week.

6. Dee

She made another tribunal. As long as she doesn't ship Jenny to Purgatory, it will be fine for her.

7. Nelson

Because of a disaster or a twist in the game, I don't see him throw in another elimination for the final.

8. Aneesa

The same with them, and after & # 39; I see them tired of & # 39; holding the rocket in & # 39; e this week's challenge, I worry about how they will fall into a final.

Non-red dishes

9. Mattie

She'll be pressuring her to go to Purgatory next week, guaranteed (not a lot of prediction, to & # 39; t tick the clock at this point, but still!).

10. Cory

I would have to beat him for not putting as much of a fight to get into Purgatory as he should have. But of the four men left, he probably has the best shot to defeat the rest of those left who are without the Red Skulls.

11. Nany

I have been holding them for the last few weeks, but the fact that their & # 39; holy trinity & # 39; is broken, maybe – as she said – that helps her.

12. Bayleigh

I would love to see her give it a Purgatory, and new week is possibly her last shot.

13. Swaggy C

The tricky thing about a rookie is finding out the game halfway through the season, and it feels like he might be shut down at the end of the season.

14. Kyle

As a veterinarian, he is in some way elbowing out of making every move.

15. Melissa

I don't see her coming into a Purgatory and winning.

16. Josh

I could see him coming into a Purgatory and losing.

17. West

What an absolutely brilliant heartbreaker for him. He played perfectly this season, and that included teaming with Johnny. But you knew at one point that he and Bananas had to separate their partnership, and that one of them would be at the wrong end. I just can't wait for future seasons to see these two friends again.

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Man Utd News: Bruno Fernandez's public inspiration behind punishment techniques


Fernandes has scored two penalties for United (Photo: Getty Images)

Manchestero midfielder Bruno Fernandes says a coach at his former club Sampdoria has inspired his unique technique for penalties.

The Portuguese international has been on the ground at United since his January move from Sporting Lisbon, and quickly became one of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's most important players.

Two of Fernandes & # 39; three goals for United have come from the penalty spot, including his first goal for the club in & # 39; a 3-0 win against Watford in February.

The 26-year-old has a similar style to Chelsea midfielder Jorginho, where he does a ship before coolly passing the ball to a disgruntled goalkeeper, and the midfielder pitches the idea to his ex-coach in Italy.

& # 39; My inspiration was a coach, like a third coach in Sampdoria, to & # 39; I started shooting in Udinese penalties and I already shot in the national team, including Under-21s, & # 39; said Fernandes in a live live session on Instagram with former Macedonia international Mario Gjurovski.

Fernandes quickly put himself to life at Old Trafford (Photo: Getty Images)

& # 39; At that time, I had another way to shoot, and a technical coach that he played from Sampdoria and he had a major injury, so the club gave him a job to help him and others helping to take shots at the end of & # 39; e training.

"We cut pens after training, (I) was at (Fabio) Quagliarella, he started talking to me and said why don't you change your idea? It will be difficult for the keeper.

"I try that, Quagliarella took penalties and when I came to Portugal, it was Bas Dost and I finished second.

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'So I started taking them, but it was him, nobody knows it was no inspiration, just advice and I started doing it.

'Sometimes I change, I never shoot in the same way, because if I go three or four penalties in a row, I'll change.

& # 39; Keepers have videos and you can study, so I will have to change, in order for them to know. & # 39;

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Mark Hamill praises John Boyega for his emotional anti-racism speech


Mark Hamill praised his Star Wars co-star John Boyega for his emotional speech during protests against racism in London.

Boyega – who played Finn in his latest trilogy – told Black Lives Matter protesters in Hyde Park that he & # 39; talking to you from my heart & # 39; then & # 39; he delivered a rousing message through a megaphone.

He paid tribute to George Floyd, the black American who died in police custody, as well as others who were killed in controversial circumstances.

He was widely praised for the speech, with Hamill – known to millions of Star Wars fans for playing Luke Skywalker – among those who don't pay tribute.

Hamill tweeted: "Never been more proud of you, John." He signed the message with "father".

The official Star Wars Twitter account also paid tribute. It said: “Lucasfilm stands with John Boyega and his message that 'now is the time. Black lives always matter.

& # 39; & # 39; Black lives were always important. Black lives have always meant something & # 39 ;.

& # 39; The evil that is racism must stop. We will be committed to being part of a change that has long been in progress. the world is too long. John Boyega, you are our hero. "

Filmmaker Matthew A Cherry application tweeted Boyega over concerns about speaking of his career, saying, "I would work with John Boyega and I encourage other non-black creators to confirm that they have his back as well."

Director Olivia Wilde was among those to answer, saying, & # 39; Absolutely. I would be honored to work with @JohnBoyega and can only hope to have the chance. We have your back, John. Don't stay back. "

Jordan Peele, the Oscar-winning director of Get Out, said, "We got you, John."

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown said: “Dear @JohnBoyega, I see you and I love you. Thank you for loving us.

& # 39; And know this, to & # 39; the right side of history is better than what silence would give the reward with compliments. I'm standing with you. We stand by you. "

Boyega previously said he did not want to "work in fear" when he was in the US because he was spreading the unrest over the US and elsewhere.

Mr. Floyd died while in police custody. Former officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder, while three others who were at the scene have also been charged in connection with the death.

One Night Records is a socially distanced immersive music experience


One Night Records Comes To London (Photo: One Night Records)

Music lovers will miss a summer filled with performances and festivals because of the coronavirus pandemic, but a new immersive music experience is set to fill the void.

One Night Records promises a socially distant experience is a brand new music and event venue that opened in October 2020 in a secret location.

Visitors will be brought back in time as they visit the secret location in London Bridge for six unique concert experiences – all at a safe distance from each other, of course.

Friends and family groups will have the opportunity to enjoy an evening together traveling through a maze of hidden tunnels to a secret world of live music that did not exist during the decades of the & # 39; 1920s & # 39; e 1950s.

The experience will be open to groups of up to four family members or friends who will get to enjoy live music, food and drink as they travel through the specially assembled musical journey.

Groups are restricted and dispersed throughout the night to ensure that social distance guidelines are set up, and visitors will be given masks to wear through the high-level entrance experience.

The immersive experience will see visitors transported from the 1920s to the 1950s through music (Image: One Night Records)

Managing Director Tim Wilson, who also founded VAULT Festival and is a long-time employee with Secret Cinema, said: "We will do it safely, but we will bring people back together and we will give them a great night.

& # 39; Social distance is part of & # 39; a show so guests don’t notice it. We want to give Londoners something to book and look out for now. & # 39;

Visitors will be able to enjoy live music in a variety of shows including Rock & Roll, Blues, Ragtime and Jazz as they travel through the decades.

One Night Records opens on Friday, October 2 and continues through Thursday, December 31 with tickets available Thursday, June 4 at www.onenightrecords.com.

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Game Mailbox IN: Want a Sega Game Gear Micro?


Game Gear Micro – are you aiming to get one? (image: Sega)

The Thursday inquest is still disappointed by the remake of Resident Evil 3, for one reader to have an addiction to detective vision.

To join the & # 39; conversations even email gamecentral@ukmetro.co.uk

Micro excitement
One of my favorite handheld consoles ever is the Game Boy Micro, so while it may not be Sega's most important announcement regarding its 60th birthday, for me at least the Game Gear Micro is the most exciting.

I know it would be impractical for them to be able to play real Game Gear choices, because of their size compared to the smaller Game Boy Advance games, but this is the next best thing.

Can't wait to get my hands on a hot set. I remember how cool it was to get my original Game Gear with the TV adapter to turn it into a portable television (not so cool trying to get one channel to tune in good enough quality to watch it though).

The same old game
Oh my gosh! Where do I start with these? The most ridiculous idea in history. A gaming system that can only play ants? Just the game changer I didn't expect from Sega. They really lost the plot with this one.

At least I expected something in line with the Sega Mega Drive Mini, but instead we get a keychain item from a gift shop? They really lost the plot and clearly did not understand their fanbase.
SlimsyWolf82241 (gamertag) / Burkehare01 (PSN ID)

Tiny potential
Is this the biggest opportunity Sega has ever missed? Just seeing how small and limited that Game Gear Micro is, it makes me imagine how they could have made so much more, from the size of the games to the features.

And then you think about how many people appreciate the tactile nature of retro hardware and the capabilities of a Switch-sized Saturn / Dreamcast mini, and how that isn't it …

I mean, FOUR games ?! Why not just put 50 on it? The master system had so many nobles that are still playable today. I despair.
Owen Pile (NongWen – PSN ID)

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If Rockstar really plans to go GTA 6 alongside GTA 5, what do you think, then chances are that the unforgettable next-gen GTA 5 / Online gene editions will be designed to handle a whole new city / region that & # 39; t the new GTA 6 story will come home? Since I'm sure I heard a statement about the effect that GTA 6 may have to be smaller to begin with, I imagine that such a story episode may evolve, eventually building into a modern day Vice like Liberty City that # 39; t will have a similar scope to Los Santos, and that, at least in online mode, you may want to travel between the two regions.

All of the recent talk about the new direct access consoles and SSD technology surely suggests that they can easily go to a mechanic & # 39; go to the airport & fast travel & # 39; can implement or even follow on & # 39; charter and your own aircraft there in real-time & # 39; or even just, you know … ride?

Still, I've never actually taken the road in GTA Online, so I don't know how that might work on a practical level, but expanding your criminal enterprise in different cities or even a whole country sounds just like it kind of ambitious enterprise Rockstar maybe do.

Given how jaw-dropping a GTA 5 technical performance was on Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 generation and how well it translates to the current generation, I'm curious to see how far Rockstar the PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X Can Take I imagine it's just GTA USA.

GC: Continuing next implies that GTA 5 is just continuing to get the same stream of small updates that it does at the moment. What you describe sounds more like a kind of GTA 5.5 situation.

Small suggestions
I really want some recommendations for my little Switch. I have Zelda, Smash Bros. and Super Mario Odyssey already. I don't have Mario Kart yet, because it's a concern for multiplayer. I recently got a dear friend Octopath Traveler for her birthday, which I intend to remember at some point.

I also like Bayonetta 1 and 2. I see that the first one can be offered as a download when I get the second outing of Cereza? No? There are also Pokémon and Astral Chain. Did I forget otherwise? Keep in mind that I am more of a solo boy …

GC: In terms of Nintendo first party games, the obvious Luigi & # 39; s Mansion 3, Splatoon 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario Maker 2, Zelda: Link & # 39; s Awakening, Xenoblade Chronicles, and, while we weren't big fans, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Plus, the non-technical first party Cadence Of Hyrule and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

Lost boss
I am quite disappointed with how & # 39; the Resident Evil 3 remake has turned out, especially considering how & # 39; it was originally my favorite in the series.

They cut out a lot of content from the original including the gravedigger boss. I mean, how can Capcom be so stupid as to cut one of & # 39; s iconic bosses from the original?

To me, what a brilliant reimagining could have been, is what appears to be a startling project in which they benefited from the hype that generated the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Rather than the mediocre addition for multiplayer, they should have spent more time on the main story with many more new areas, new bosses, and so on.

Very disappointing!

No score
If someone's always interested in collecting performance in my games, if I can, I wonder …. what's your Gamerscore?

I know you probably won't be actively looking for performance, but I think how many games you play it should still be pretty high.
Manic Miner 100 (Gamertag)

GC: We honestly have no idea where to look to see where our Gamerscore is with the current interface, we put out the notifications years ago.

Sensual addiction
I've played The Witcher 3 on Switch in recent months – portability is a Zodsend and would have greatly reduced the time it took me to complete the Mass Effect trilogy if the Xbox 360 had the same function. But I'm hiding …

My reason for writing is that, as I explore the game world, I spend a great deal of time with witcher sentences, to the point that I will run across centuries to use them, in case I miss something interesting. A similar thing happened with Batman & # 39; s detective vision in Arkham games. I'm starting out okay, but at some point in the game, I end up using these tools and can't seem to stop in case some mystery happens to me! Is this just me?

Now, I admit that I have a lot of & # 39; big hitters in & # 39; have missed the last few years, so gameplay may have already passed, but I feel that the witcher senses / tools for detective vision could easily be improved by allowing only allowed use before recharging is needed. Allow me to go cold turkey, then I could come back to experience the games.
FoximusPrime81 (gamertag / NN ID / Twitter)

Free operation
I just wanted to sign up to pass this Kart Racing Drift beta code to one of & # 39; s readers if anyone is interested in trying it out. It looks decent.

I'm probably in the minority, but seeing this makes me think of ModNation Racers and I'd really like Sony to make another one. I enjoyed the original quite a bit. This code is for the Nexon Launcher on PC, which means nothing to me, but if you know what that means on it.
Big Angry Dad82 (Gamertag)

GC: Thanks, we'll pass it on to whoever wants it.

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A very Fortnite birthday
We made our friend Lois make her very own Fortnite Island for her 17th birthday. We knew she wouldn't be able to have a normal birthday and hang out with her friends until we were in lockdown, so we threw a virtual party at Fortnite! There is music, cake, gifts, giant llama and boxes and so much more! We spent weeks at Fortnite Creative as a surprise to Lois and they love it.

We have upgraded and published Birthday Island for others to enjoy virtual birthday parties on Fortnite, as I saw before, with the hope that there was already one that I didn't have to make one! But I couldn't find a suitable fit in my search. Creative Code: 0257-7155-4431

Side note: we are four women of different ages (ranging from 17 to 29) and we play Fortnite together most days. I don't see women and Fortnite being in & # 39; media in & # 39; not a lot of pictures, which is a shame. I know many female friends who don't play Fortnite and other games, but it's still so dominated by men.

Another side note: this is Fortnite Creative, which does not go as current as videos about the Battle Royale game mode that is almost obsolete after just one week, and very outdated as the new season round.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLKQbQZmVWA (/ embed)

Postfek YN rans
I absolutely wish I could pre-order the PlayStation 5 at the moment, just to ensure I get it when it comes out. I don't like to wait for it. I just want to know that I have one on Friday.

There's a free mystery game on PC today at Epic Games Store from 4pm, it is rumored to be Ark: Survival Evolution.
Andrew J.
Currently playing: What the Golf? (Switch) and Knights And Bikes (PS4)

This week's Hot Topic
The question for this weekend's Mailbox is inspired by reader John, and asks what is your favorite Japanese-made video game?

It can be any game in any format, obscure or a classic of time, as long as it was developed by a primary Japanese team (the publisher is irrelevant). Do you usually know where your games are made and does that affect whether or not you are interested in them?

What do you think are the most common strengths and weaknesses for Japanese-made games and how do you expect them to adapt to & # 39; the next generation?

Send your comments to: gamecentral@ukmetro.co.uk

The small print
New updates to Mailboxes appear every Wednesday morning, with special Hot Topic Mailboxes at the weekend. Letters from readers are used on merits and can be edited for length.

You can also submit your own 500 to 600 word reader feature at any time, which will not be displayed in the next available weekend slot if used.

You can leave your comments below and don't forget follow us on Twitter.

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Man Utd News: Solskjaer offloads three players to fund summer spending


Solskjaer wants to oversee a squad this summer (Photo: Getty Images)

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plans to ax players Alexis Sanchez, Chris Smalling and Marcos Rojo on loan to raise money for the summer goals of & # 39; e club, according to reports.

The Norwegian boss has not included the three players in his plans for future season and will look to load them on permanent deals.

However, according to the Even Standard, United may struggle to increase substantial transfer costs due to the financial implications of & # 39; crisis in & # 39; e coronavirus and can reduce their requirements.

Sanchez has suffered injuries during his season-long loan with Inter and the Italian side are unwilling to agree to his £ 450,000-a-week loan amount.

While Smalling has been better at Roma, Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof, Eric Bailly and Axel Tuanzebe are all ahead of & # 39; the English defender in & # 39; a pecking order.

30-year-old Rojo returned to his boyhood club Estudiantes in January, but the manager of the & # 39; Argentine side announced that it & # 39; probably & # 39; is that the defender will return to Old Trafford before the end of his loan spell.

Sanchez has trouble with his loan spell at Inter (Photo: Getty Images)

The report states that the club was desperate to sign a top striker, with Timo Werner of RB Leipzig and Moussa Dembele of Lyon both on Solskjaer's transfer list.

However, Odion Ighalo's loan extension is indicative of the type of business that could be done in the next transfer window given the uncertain financial climate.

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Jadon Sancho has been widely cited as United's primary target for this summer, but Borussia Dortmund is demanding more than £ 100 million for his services.

Birmingham City wonder kid Jude Bellingham and Aston Villa & # 39; s Jack Grealish are also reported top targets.

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MORE: Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo sets to cut short Estudiantes loan game and return for the rest of the Premier League season

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UK warned to support for & # 39; many job losses & # 39; when deaths pass 50,000


Boris Johnson braces the nation that dealt with a coronavirus death toll of more than 50,000 for "many job losses," to further elaborate on the economic impact of the pandemic appear.

The prime minister insisted that he & # 39; s very proud & # 39; was on & # 39; government of & # 39; e government despite the gruesome milestone on Covid-related deaths and its recognition that large damages are & # 39; inevitable & # 39; were.

He said the government would take an "interventionist" approach to support the economy, so it & # 39; s not showing a lockdown.

On Thursday, the Commons business committee will hear more about the impact of coronavirus on businesses and workers, while the Bank of England will publish a list of companies that receive funding through their Covid Corporate Financing Facility loan scheme.

The National Statistics Bureau is also set to finalize the & # 39; financial & social damage assessment of & # 39; to detail a disease.

Meanwhile, ministers are likely to ask more questions about their decision to end virtual votes in the Commons after & # 39; Business Secretary Alok Sharma, who appeared visibly ill on Wednesday while in & # 39; e room, was tested for Covid-19.

After the & # 39; s authorities have taken a deep clean, a spokeswoman for & # 39; a MP he would isolate himself after he "began to feel discomfort" in delivering the second reading of the Corporate Governance and Insolvency Bill.

Opposition MPs renew calls for restoring virtual voting rights, with the shadow of Labor foreign secretary Lisa Nandy saying "recklessly don't even begin to describe" the scrapping of the system a day earlier.

Also on Thursday, Mr Johnson will urge world leaders to "unite humanity" in & # 39; a fight against disease & # 39; he & # 39; s an online global vaccine head, with the goal of raising £ 6 billion to immunize millions of children in & # 39; the world's poorest nations.

Although not directly involved with coronavirus, which & # 39; s crawling around the world to find a vaccine, officials said the summit could reduce the chance that & # 39; s resources abroad & # 39; t United Kingdom by reducing pressure on & # 39; & # 39; s health care systems. e developing countries so they can tackle Covid-19.

A second spike would cause further damage to the economy, and the Prime Minister acknowledged the scale already facing the UK at & # 39; last Downing Street press conference.

& # 39; I'm afraid there will be many, many job losses. That's just irreplaceable, & # 39; he said.

Big sectors of the economy are kept alive by taxpayer funding, with companies borrowing more than £ 30 billion from three government-backed Coronavirus loan schemes and 8.7 million jobs flooded .

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Mr. Johnson also posed for questions about the test and flush program to track the spread of & # 39; s disease, with England chief medical officer Chris Whitty saying & # 39; in the early stages of its development & # 39; continued.

In other developments:

– Figures suggest that more than half of nursing homes in the UK have not tested a single coronavirus staff.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been working on curbing shares of Covid-19 drugs amid concerns that Brexit could jeopardize supplies if the UK and EU cannot agree to a trade agreement, the Financial Times reported.

– A study by & # 39; University of Warwick suggested that the gradual resurgence of primary schools in England will only cause a second wave, thanks to the reduction of & # 39; a lockdown was required too quickly.

– Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed plans for people arriving in the UK from overseas to undergo a 14-day quarantine period from Monday.

– All schools in Wales will reopen on June 29.

The UK toll for deaths linked to Covid-19 passes 50,000, according to analysis from official figures by the PA agency.

The government's main scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, said there were 8,000 new cases of coronavirus per day in & # 39; t UK and that there was "relatively little room for maneuver" to reduce the lockdown.

While the latest figures showed that more than 1,800 had tested positive per day, data from the Office for National Statistics suggested that the true figure was significantly higher.

At the same time, he said the R – the rate of transfer – was still close to 1, which meant the numbers did not go down quickly.

He said the number of deaths has also come down "but it doesn't come down as fast as we want".

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