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Tether explains why & # 39; there is no USDT burned


Tether (USDT) cites the popularity of its Ethereum (ETH) -based asset as the reason why & # 39; t the company has never raised a single token.

The recent Flipside Crypto report concluded that Tether is not in the practice of burning its Ethereum tokens:

"We can also see that no tokens ever go to the" burn "category, which means that no USDT offer was lost in April & # 39; When we look at the full USDT history on Ethereum, we found that no tokens have ever been burned. "

Ethereum is too popular

Paolo Ardoino, who serves as CTO for both Tether and Bitfinex, responding to a Cointelgraaf survey, explained that the company burned its tokens on Omni and Tron (TRON) networks, while authorizing but unissued and unbacked ERC20 tokens has an "inventory" in:

“We have not yet destroyed Ethereum-based USDt. We have so far wasted unnecessary USDt on Omni and Tron. Ethereum has been the most popular blockchain in recent months and demand for ERC20-based USDt has been high. Hence, as purchases are processed, Tether will retain those USDts in its authorized, but not issued – and unbacked – inventory for future market demand. "

Tether Assets. Source: Tether.

The explanation provided by Ardoino seems to be the first Cointelegraph conclusion. Nonetheless, perhaps the company would be better off burning and issuing new tokens, which could help reduce the fierce skepticism about its backup policy.

Bill Belichick's walking hole is gone forever


Last season, Bill Belichick used a shot in & # 39; the death ball penalty around time of & # 39; to burn a clock in a late game situation against the Jets.

After the game he had a lot of laughs and said it should be a while (and probably would) be closed once the league talks about new rule changes during offseason owner meetings.

It turns out Belichick had one more shot right now. The rule changed. It officially happened today.

As part of newly approved regulations from & # 39; owner meetings of & # 39; e league, Bill Belichick's loophole is now closed. The league's league committee approved a new rule that would prevent teams from burning the game clock by committing multiple dead-ball violations with the game clock.

Good on & # 39; competition to get this thing in & # 39; to squeeze a bud before it once again balloon into something big

Unfortunately for Belichick, he became a victim of the crime before the rule was changed. It was used against led by Titans head coach and former Patriots assistant Mike Vrabel in the playoffs last year in their win en route to the AFC Championship Game. Go figure.

It's gone now. And with that, we are perhaps the only thing we have ever seen, lose Belichick from a smile (what?).

Oh well. The league is better for it.

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Great-grandmother, 103, cracked open ice cold beer to celebrate coronavirus beating


Great-grandmother Jenny Stejna celebrated beating Covid-19 with a swig of her favorite ice-cold beer

An over-aged grandmother of 103 cracked open an ice cold beer in her bed to recover from the coronavirus. Jenny Stejna cared for her favorite Bud Light after she had overcome Covid-19 at her nursing home in Easton, Massachusetts, earlier this month.

Jenny Shelley Gunn's granddaughter is excited about her recovery time, after she said what she feared was her last goodbye to the older woman after she was diagnosed with Covid-19.

The senior, who has two children, three grandparents, four great-grandparents and three great-grandchildren, fell ill early May with a low-grade fever.

Jenny's condition quickly deteriorated, to the point that the older woman did not know what was happening to her, with her silent family telling her to say goodbye while she was still loud.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONhCwP-t1q0 (/ embed)

Visit our live blog for the latest updates: Coronavirus news live

Shelley told Wicked Local Easton that her husband Adam Jenny had asked if she was ready to go to heaven, with the fearless senior who didn & # 39; t answer: & # 39; Hell yes! & # 39;

Fortunately, the worst fears of & # 39; family did not happen, with Jenny, who is originally from Poland, becoming the first of 33 coronavirus patients in her nursing home to recover from & # 39; a disease. She was pictured enjoying the drink afterwards, with Adam Gunn not saying that hearing the snap would raise the grandmother's persona.

He explained: 'This feisty old Polish grandmother of ours officially killed the coronavirus.

"We are really grateful." So far, Coronavirus has killed more than 100,000 Americans, with the disease particularly dangerous for suffering above the age of 80.

Nursing homes in the United States have been sealed in an effort to prevent the disease from spreading, but many have become hotbeds of the virus, with dozens of residents not dying in some of the & # 39; e facilities that are least affected.

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Kelly Osbourne: Being overseas feels like I've turned my back on my country


Kelly Osbourne said being overseas during the coronavirus pandemic made her feel like she was turning her back on her country.

The singer and daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, who isolates with her family in the US, told the BBC The One Show that she & # 39; so homely & # 39; s.

She added: & # 39; I must say it is very difficult for me to not be home at this time.

Kelly Osbourne (Ian West / PA)

"It makes me feel like I've turned my back on my country."

While appearing on the program with Sharon, she said that, despite her home mood, she enjoyed spending quality time with her family.

She added: "I have to say that I really enjoy being back home and being with my family and spending this time together, because we haven't done this in years."

Ozzy Osbourne Disease "data-title =" Ozzy Osbourne Disease "data-copyright-holder =" PA Wire "data-copyright-notice =" PA Wire / PA Images "data-credit =" Ian West "data-use conditions = "FILE PHOTO" srcset = "https://image.assets.pressassociation.io/v2/image/production/d7461130ab49098914ce6bbaae360c84Y29udGVudHNlYXJjaCwxNTkwNzgwMDg0/2.49739247assw/asso.html image / production / d7461130ab49098914ce6bbaae360c84Y29udGVudHNlYXJjaCwxNTkwNzgwMDg0 / 2.49739247.jpg? w = 640 640w, https://image.assets.pressassociation.io/v2/image/production/d7461130ab49098914ce6bbaae360c84Y29udGVudHNlYXJjaCwxNTkwNzgwMDg0/2.49739247.jpg?w=1280 1280w "matte" : 1000px) 54vw, (max width: 1071px) 543px, 580px "/>
<figcaption>Kelly said that & # 39; nothing has changed & # 39; at home (Ian West / PA)</figcaption></figure>
<p>Kelly said "nothing has changed" at home since the family filmed the MTV reality show The Osbournes between 2002 and 2005.</p>
<p>Her father Ozzy, 71, who is the frontman of Black Sabbath, disclosed earlier this year that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.</p>



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James Conner's back muscles are so big that they can't really see


The Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner lives up to his nickname, "The Terminator," in a big way. Conner's back muscles seem to be as impressive as Arnold Schwarzenegger's.

Conner posted images to his Instagram story Wednesday that showed just how jacked he is these days. And let me tell you: this servant is ripe. He's actually so big it doesn't really seem like it. The scale of his muscles resembles an optical illusion. Maybe his back muscles inside this big, but I really have trouble wrap my head around this photo to be real.

Here's a look at what he shared:

For a frame of reference, see his back from another angle here (below). This seems (a little) more normal. Of course, he's jacked. But he is not suddenly bigger than Marvel superheroes.

What do you think? Is that first image of his back real? Or did he in any way think of making him bigger?

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Fortnite's new season was hit by another delay • Eurogamer.net


Coming story event also hit.

Fortnite's new season has been pushed back, this time through a new week. Chapter 2 Season 3 will now arrive on Thursday, June 11.

That delay will also affect the game's upcoming story event, which Fortnite began counting to in-game. Called "The Device", this one-off event will now take place a week later than previously planned: on Saturday, June 6 at 7pm UK time.

Chapter 2 Season 3, which is widely tipped to introduce underwater gameplay, was originally set for the end of April. Perhaps not surprisingly, given the global relocation to remote development, Epic Games announced in April that it would take more time to get things ready.

Today is the first time we have heard an official name for the upcoming Fortnite story event. The device probably refers to the doom machine that is currently being built by spy agency boss Midas, visible from his in-game room. Lessons suggest the machine is built in an attempt to free Fortnite from the storm once and for all – something that will surely shake things up.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_n841Pm5js (/ embed)

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The last time this happened, Bitcoin went from $ 3,150 to $ 14,000


Leading crypto exchanges hold about 1.36 million BTC, worth around $ 12,880,000,000. The last time large trading companies had such low Bitcoin reserves, the price of the & # 39; dominant cryptocurrency went from $ 3,150 to $ 14,000.

Market data indicates that a growing number of investors are moving their Bitcoin holdings out of & # 39; exchanges. It shows that traders have no intention of selling BTC at & # 39; the current price of $ 9,400.

Top crypto exchanges register 1-year low Bitcoin reserves. Source: CQ Live

Why are Bitcoin investors moving their funds out of & # 39; exchanges?

In the first quarter of last year, the price of Bitcoin ranged between $ 3,150 to $ 4,500 for almost four months. As the BTC's outflow of exchanges began to decline, the cryptocurrency began to rally. Within three months, BTC grew from $ 4000 to $ 14,000, recording a 250% price increase.

At $ 9,500, Bitcoin sees the same BTC stream volume in exchanges seen early 2019. Fewer traders deposit Bitcoin to trading platforms, which shows that investors have no interest in risking their BTC to trade in & # 39; the $ 9,500 to $ 10,000.

The 12-month low flow of BTC in top cryptocurrency exchanges coincides with long-term indicators that signal the start of a new uptrend. Macro indicators such as the Gold Cross and the Puell Multiple show Bitcoin is on the verge of a big bull run as seen at the beginning of 2019.

The Puell Multiple is a metric that considers the circulating supply by searching for mining revenue to measure if BTC is overbought or sold too much. Currently, the Puell multiple of BTC shifted to 0.4. By mid-December 2019, when Bitcoin was at $ 3,150, it dropped to as low as 0.3.

The supply-oriented metric shows that Bitcoin could see another small pullback in the short term. But, in the short to medium term, Bitcoin is expected to see a sizable rally.

Puell Multiple shows that Bitcoin is getting closer to oversold levels. Source: LookIntoBitcoin

Bitcoin also recently picked up its seventh gold cross in history. Three of the past six gold crosses have led to a massive long-term rally.

A gold cross occurs when two long-term exponential moving average (EMA) lines cross one another. It typically happens when BTC recovers from a steep sell-off.

Founding partner of Bitazu Capital Mohit Sorout said:

We recently witnessed the 7th Golden CrossOx of the existence of bitcoin. Previous 3 of 6's led to gigantic rallies. But for sure that any tool without a 100% profit rate is a meme, it needs to be swept away and gone.

Bitcoin sees its seventh golden cross in & # 39; s history. Source: Mohit Sorout

Two variables that are different than rally in 2018 and 2019

The ongoing rally of Bitcoin is fundamentally and structurally different from previous rallies that have been seen in the last two years.

This time, there are a significantly higher number of retail investors and institutions that led the rise of Bitcoin instead of investors in the futures market that trades with high levy.

With a lower risk of a big long squeeze, long-term macro indicators that point to a major uptrend in the coming months are considered a positive factor for the medium-term price trend of Bitcoin.

Notts students share their online teaching experience


While Nottingham announces plans for campus to open as scheduled in September, at least there is some degree of online learning here to stay.

In an email to students, VC Shearer West insisted that the quality of education would not be affected, promising the & # 39; highest education quality & # 39 ;.

With graduation season in full swing, we asked UoN students how they found the progression to virtual study, with a huge amount of answers but one common thread – the defining future that all Notts students currently have .

"We missed a hospital placement and placement of a doctor, which can't really be simulated"

Jack *, first-year medicine, would normally have about 20 hours of lectures in & # 39; a week. Now he has to do with methods for self-reading.

& # 39; The practices we miss are active things that resources and partners need to practice, for example, software. We have personally taught the musculoskeletal exam, which is a very important and fairly fundamental process, "Jack told The Nottingham Tab.

Jack was also unable to complete a hospital placement, where "a large portion of the students' experience feels more natural and safer in that environment with patients".

Will – Medical physiology and therapeutics

"It made it a lot harder to know what happens next year, because we didn't get the best information"

Will, a second-year medical physiology and therapeutic student, said: "Because I don't have so many lectures, we mainly rely on tutorials whose university was not great at keeping us up to date."

With an apparent lack of physical tutorials, the quality of both learning and learning is compromised, he says: & # 39; For some modules, we missed tutorials, which made it easier to include aspects of & # 39; to understand a module. They also changed one of our modules into 100 percent courses the day before we intended to hand it in, which added a lot of unnecessary stress ”.

The lack of information students are given on third-year modules adds stress, Will said.

Sally – PhD in geospatial systems

"Working at home is not always smooth"

Many students found themselves leaving the & # 39; university and returning home to isolate with their families & Sally did in & # 39; t first year of her PhD on Geospatial Systems the same.

“Working at home is not always good. I have remote access to the desktop in our office, but the connection is not great and I have a lot of data that I did because of the process that was on a hard drive, & # 39; she told The Nottingham Tab .

Sally notes that although she is probably in a better position than many postgraduates, she is not especially the one who is not. the middle stages of her research, she still felt the impact and disruption of her work. She emphasizes that working at home can be stressful, because "many of us will have the health and well-being of family and friends and the economy at the back of our minds".

Sam – Business and German

"It is definitely still possible to do well through online learning, but I personally know that I would struggle a lot"

Sam, second year Business and German, had a differing opinion on online teaching and how it mainly affected the language element of his degree.

"I found online learning quite challenging, because it wasn't very focused on one person at a time," he told The Nottingham Tab.

"Maybe last year we would come in small language seminars last year and talk to each other in German, which is not possible online, because the teacher has to talk to one person at the same time, which can be pretty boring to people."

Overall, Sam's department felt made an effort to keep the quality of online lessons high, but at the expense of potential interest and enjoyment of his degree.

Toby – Chinese and Russian (right)

"Not only do we lose the experience, we incur debt to potentially do everything online"

There is also a lack of certainty for those students whose courses have spent a year abroad. Toby, studying Chinese and Russian, had planned to spend his third year abroad, splitting time in both China and Russia.

He told The Nottingham Tab that he experienced a real lack of communication from professors about the status of his required year abroad, waiting almost two months for any real alternative to be offered. "I think the candle was on top of & # 39; why don't you go to Estonia instead of Russia? & # 39; You know, that country that doesn't speak Russian," he said.

Emily – Geography

"I'd rather go the money to organizations that work within the crisis, rather than to the university"

Emily, a third-year Geography student, was disappointed by the limited number of online hours in the last months of her degree. “As far as online learning is concerned, I have had one online presentation since March 18 and then only three review sessions on teams. Three! I find it ridiculous that I pay so much money for very little communication with teachers, ”she said.

Emily expressed her confusion over where her fees actually went, now that the university was closed pending further notice, stating that she would much rather donate the money to organizations that did not work within the crisis.

Jed – Economics and Politics

"Without the immediate face-to-face sessions, your thinking train is lost and you can easily fall behind. ”

Jed, a second-year student of economics and politics, highlighted that timing was a big problem through online lessons. "I'm not saying professors haven't tried it, but if you have an immediate question about a piece of coursework, it's much more advantageous to have a personal meeting with a professor to help you understand an idea," he told The Nottingham Tab.

"With emails, of course, there is a delay in the response of about a day or two, and then you are familiar again, you have lost your thought of thought and the structure for you to fully potential reach just isn't there. " .

When sports were stopped and the opportunity for societies to limit people with shared interests was severely limited, Jed feels that there is a whole other side of uni that is missing. "It's a waste of opportunities to add to our resumes, which will help us later in the competitive job market," he said.

Maya History

"Of course we can't do it in the short term, I don't expect them to do it right away"

Some students empathize with professors and departments with their arduous task of not only applying lessons, but assessments to be online.

Maya, a second-year history, noted that if online learning were to be extended, she would feel more inclined if the structure of her course did not change. "For some reason, the History Department couldn't find a way to do online exams and instead they just gave us courses," she said.

& # 39; The problem I had was that I was not assessed on & # 39; a majority of my course, which made the rest of my knowledge superfluous. Some students prefer exams rather than coursework, so if we have to take online assessments, they need to change the structure and include more content from the course. "

Ed – Geography

While students provided a real mix in answers, from optimism to pessimism, annoyance to understanding and concern for confusion, there was one striking answer from Ed, Second Year Geography, that was the essence of & # 39; e students & # 39; conquering thoughts about online learning: & # 39; I think it's crazy. "

*Name has been changed to maintain the anonymity of the student.

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How much commission could you earn as a broker?


It is very well established that we are all obsessed with the art that Sunset sells on Netflix. After watching & # 39; the show, there is no doubt that you dreamed of packing everything to become a realtor for The Oppenheim Group with hundreds of thousands commissioned. This quiz will tell you how good you would be in fact be if you worked with the Selling Sunset girls.

Need to pack your bags, go to LA and pack the desk next to Christine to start your life as a hotshot broker? Or should you stick to your daily assignment and never try to sell a home in your life? Would you sell the $ 80 million deposit in your bedroom or do you not know the difference between an infinity pool and a paddling pool?

We are not all eliminated for the tough job that is unreasonable, but some of us are grumpy. Find out below if you are blessed with the knowledge that you should earn millions in commission.

Take this quote to see if you can be a good seller on Selling Sunset:

Selling Sunset season two is now available on Netflix. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church or Netflix on Facebook.

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Unlucky Buffalo Sabers fan list team for sale on Craigslist


The NHL officially has a plan to go into competition again this season, and that means the Buffalo Sabers season is officially over. And fans are again / still mad.

The & # 39; s plan to bring hockey back into & # 39; A middle of the coronavirus pandemic – which led to the NHL continuing its season in March, along with almost all other sports organizations – includes a 24-team play-off system, Commissioner Gary Bettman announced Tuesday. Although he had no date for the return of hockey, he said the regular season is over.

That for the ninth consecutive year, the Sabers hardly miss the playoffs, which in this new set were expanded from 16 teams originally. They finished with a 30-31-8 record and finished sixth in the Atlantic Division. Pair that with the team Tuesday as well, that general manager Jason Botterill, hardly a fan favorite, will be returning for a fourth season, and fans aren't happy.

At least one particular fan was so frustrated that they put the team up for sale on Craigslist Wednesday in search of new owners to replace Terry and Kim Pegula. Here is the list for description:

For sale: NHL Hockey Franchise
Team: Buffalo Sabers
Available: ASAP

* Lost team with diehard fanbase looking for rich owner who doesn't really understand hockey *

Organization on & # 39; cheap. Could flip. Great structural damage, but a few core pieces still in tact.

Terms that cannot be negotiated:
-Franchise must remain in current city and is not suitable for relocation.
– Immediate family (i.e. wife) is not eligible for internal position within the organization
– Must provide "team puppy"

Props for insisting on a team puppy, but we want the poster to write "e.g. man as woman" instead of "i.e. wife", which assumes that a potential new owner would be a man.

May The Buffalo News, the person behind the post is a longtime Sabers fan named Jill Thompson, who did not describe the atmosphere around Buffalo hockey when they became a fan for the first time in 1980 – for years as "a respected and proud hockey community." But she said the state of the team is now "on a polar opposite of the spectrum."

Thompson explained to The Buffalo News why they try to "sell" the team:

& # 39; When I post about the Sabers on Twitter, it's unfortunately in a negative light and that's because I'm worried about the level of disrespect / lack of responsibility / neglect of everything to the smallest details. 39; t we of & # 39; e owners are shown. As one of the & # 39; s loyal fanbases in all sports, we deserve better.

& # 39; Finally, the Pegula's not only give us a bad name in hockey, they also give the city of Buffalo a bad name. This is what drove me to find some humor in such a miserable place and place the ad on Craigslist, trying to sell the franchise to owners who don't care.

& # 39; I just returned from Charlotte a year ago. I am not a season ticket holder and would have considered it this season if things were handled differently by the owners. "

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