Drew Brees has been rightly beaten all day since he said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that he will "never agree with someone who does not respect the flag of the United States of America or our country" by protesting peacefully while playing the national anthem.

His star wide receiver, Michael Thomas immediately ripped Brees for his ignorant statement. Other NFL players also criticized him. And LeBron James did that too.

Saints veteran security Malcom Jenkins, who has long been a leader in the press for social justice and racial equality, sounded off in an emotional video late Wednesday night, a video he later deleted.

But here's that video and his message to Brees:

Here was Jenkins' full title for his since-deleted post:

UPDATE: Jenkins later posted this video message to Brees:

It will be interesting to see how & # 39; T Brees responds to all this he brought to himself with a truly ignorant statement.

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