Dr Alex George proposes new campaign to erectile dysfunction (Photo: Instagram / YouTube)

Dr Alex George encourages men to come forward and seek help with erectile dysfunction in an attempt to break the stigma around the condition.

The Love Island star has opened up about the commonality of erectile dysfunction and his experience with it as a doctor, discovering that it is often left unsaid if men are afraid to be judged.

Unfortunately, it is only when men come for surgery for a separate problem that their problem becomes public – and then it caused the undue stress and anxiety that could not have made the case less.

Talk to me Metro.co.uk, Alex said: 'I try and use my platform as much as possible to talk about, your white, mental health and health issues that affect people, especially things that have stigma around them, or make people uncomfortable.

'Erectile dysfunction is one of those issues that make men feel as uncomfortable as in general, many men feel very uncomfortable talking about it and opening themselves up to it. That I worked with Lloyds to break that stigma. & # 39;

New data from LloydsPharmacy has revealed that 6.4 million men in the UK have trouble getting or maintaining an erection – with the 18-29 year old being one of & # 39; most met.

Doctor encourages those with ED to speak out (Photo: Instagram)

Almost a fifth of these men (18%) say it happens every time they have sex.

But despite these men, they are not yet ready to move forward – Alex does not blame British aversion for discussing these issues, and pressure men to feel masculine.

& # 39; I think a lot of it comes down to & # 39; e expectations of men and masculinity that you know & # 39; if you are a real man you can have sex & # 39 ;, "Alex continued.

& # 39; However, I think that kind of expectations put a lot of pressure on men and if you are not able to fit the right component and be perfect that way, you feel a lot of pressure.

& # 39; I think that is really difficult, and men feel it is very difficult to open up and just say, & # 39; in fact, I have trouble with & # 39; making people feel embarrassed. & # 39;

The Love Island star blames British stigma and male bravado for why men don't talk (Photo: Rex)

& # 39; I think in & # 39; Generally, Britain, I think we are a little more reserved when it comes to sex talk compared to our European counterparts. & # 39;

& # 39; I have in & # 39; seen over the years, evidence and research on mental health, men's emotional health, and even, you know, men's physical health are much less likely to go to the doctor and say, I have a problem , & # 39; he added. "In general, men are much less open to come in and say & # 39; do you know what doctor? I need a hand here ”. & # 39;

& # 39; That it's a problem, and I think that's the reason we should just make it more, normalize it and make people feel more comfortable and realize that you're actually not the only one who doesn't have it. & # 39; 39;

Former Love Islander wants to use his platform to break taboo (Photo: Instagram)

And although lifestyle – such as drinking, stress and sleep – can have an effect on erections, Dr Alex added that ultimately the best place to go if you are afraid is your doctor.

& # 39; We will not be embarrassed, we do not find it awkward or unusual or difficult to talk about, so we are very happy to help you, & # 39; he said.

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& # 39; We'd rather you talk to us in a confidential way, and talk about it, that we able to Help yourself.

To find out more, visit https://onlinedoctor.lloydspharmacy.com/ or search & # 39; Time we talk & # 39 ;.

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