A massive health crisis is typically not a turn-on (Image: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Notice that your sex drive has taken a lock in lockdown?

You are not the only one.

Only 40% of adults in the UK have at least once in the & # 39; a week of sex amid the coronavirus pandemic, a new study suggests.

It seems that a massive health crisis is a bit of a mood killer, in principle.

A survey of 868 British adults from Anglia Ruskin University and Ulster University found that only 39.9% in & # 39; The previous seven days participated in every form of sexual activity.

Researchers found that younger, male, married, and an alcoholic drinker were associated with greater sexual activity. That all makes sense, because it's much harder to be sexually active in lockdown when you're single (unless you prefer to be fresh with your housemates, which isn't always the best idea).

The authors of & # 39; study state that the & # 39; e UK government on Covid-19 promoting safe sexual activity should include as a way to maintain physical and mental health.

Dr Lee Smith, Reader in Physical Activity and Public Health at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), said: & # 39; At the beginning of this study, we expected that there would be a high level of sexual activity during social isolation at home, but interestingly we found a very low level.

& # 39; This low level of sexual activity could be explained by people who are currently anxious and stressed due to the pandemic and not in & # 39; e mood to participate.

& # 39; Moreover, those who are not married or connected at the moment may not meet with their sexual partners and the same people who use online apps to facilitate casual sex cannot currently do so to do.

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'Much of my previous research has shown that a frequent and trouble-free sex life is important for higher levels of enjoyment of life and general mental health, and this is especially true for older adults.

& # 39; However, this study showed that older adults were less likely than younger adults to engage in sexual activity. & # 39;

We know that orgasms offer many benefits for mental and physical health, reducing stress and boosting your body's immune function.

But with social distance still advisable, saving dating apps and regulating clandestine hookups is not worth the risk.

Remember that you are the safest (and perhaps best) sexual partner yourself.

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