New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees claimed he doesn't understand anything about Colin Kaepernick's protest yet.

When asked what he thought about players who might take a knee when the NFL season returns, Brees said Daniel Roberts from Yahoo Finance, that he "will never agree with someone who does not respect the flag of & # 39; the United States of America or our country."

Brees' comments were not particularly well received by his teammates or other NFL players, who were quick to call him out on his misinterpretation of why Kaepernick first took a knee. NBA star LeBron James also expressed his frustration over Brees' words, pointing out that it "had nothing to do with disrespect."

"WOW MAN !!," LeBron wrote, adding a palm to & # 39; e face emoji's. “Is it still surprising at this point? Certainly not! You literally do not yet understand why you did not kneel on one knee ?? Has absolutely nothing to do with the respect of 🇺🇸 and our soldiers (men and women) who keep our country free. My father-in-law was one of them. "

That is the feeling that seems to create a lot in many in the sports world. It is good that Brees' own values ​​dictate that he stands for the national anthem and that his experiences, as a white man of great privilege, allow him the luxury of a softer perspective on issues of race and justice. What is unforgettable is, as LeBron noted, his inability to understand that Kaepernick's protest was never about respecting the & # 39; flag, but about standing up for justice, and that, especially in the light of & # 39; ; By George Floyd's death, those protests would have renewed relevance.

When Colin Kaepernick first took a nod at the national anthem, he made it very clear where he was protesting.

"There are a lot of things that should change," Kaepernick said said then. “One specific is police brutality. That way, people are killed unjustly and held not responsible. Cops get paid leave for killing people. That's not good. "

If Brees is still confused, he may want to pay attention to the black athletes around him, who don't bother to listen.

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