Samantha Ware is not impressed with Lea Michele's apology (Image: Broadimage / REX)

Glee star Samantha Ware doesn't seem to accept Lea Michele's apology for & # 39; t making her life a & # 39; living hell & # 39; created on & # 39; a set of & # 39; a hit series.

Earlier this week, Samantha criticized Lea for supporting the & # 39; movement of & # 39; e Black Lives Matter and accusing the actress of lewd behavior while working together on Glee.

There was a suggestion that Lea's attitude toward Samantha, who participated in his show last season, was a racialist.

However, Leah denies judging her co-star based on the & # 39; s color of her skin, but apologizes for how & # 39; her behavior & # 39; observed & # 39; s by her colleague & # 39; s.

It seems that Samantha did not appreciate and tweet the choice of words after Lea posted her apology: 'Perceived? Right? Fair? Open your purse ?????????????? (sic) & # 39;

Samantha then shared a reference to a GoFundMe account for James Spurlock, a black man who was shot and killed last weekend in Omaha, Nebraska, when he attended a George Floyd protest.

Broadway actor Gerard Canonico also shared his experience of working with Lea on & # 39; the Spring Awakening show, saying, & # 39; You were nothing but a nightmare for me and fellow understudy cast members. You made us feel like we didn't belong there.

'I tried to be nice to you for years. Maybe actually apologize instead of blaming it on how & # 39; others perceive you & # 39; & # 39;

While Samantha and Gerard were not impressed by Lea & # 39; s apology, former Glee star Heather Morris admitted that the actress & # 39; unpleasant & # 39; was to work with, but was somewhat sympathetic to them.

& # 39; Let me be very clear, Hate is a disease in America that we try to cure, that I would never wish that hatred would spread to someone else, & # 39; Heather pleaded.

'Having said that, was she unlucky to work with? Very much so; for Les to treat others with the respect that she did as long as she did, I believe she should cry out. & # 39;

She later added: & # 39; But at the present moment, it is implied that she is a racist and although I cannot comment on her beliefs, I think we will agree, and you know what happens when we all agree. . & # 39;

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In her apology, Leah explained: "When I tweeted the next day, it was meant to be a show of support for our friends and neighbors and communities of color during this really difficult time, but the answers 39; t I got at what I posted made me also focus specifically on how my own behavior towards fellow members was perceived by them.

& # 39; Although I do not remember ever making this specific statement and never judging others based on their background or color of & # 39; e skin, which is really not the point, what is important is that I clearly act in ways that don't hurt other people. & # 39;

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