That's one big mistake in a Peter Capaldi episode of Doctor Who (Image: BBC)

Former boss of Doctor Who has admitted that there is a blatant mistake during one of his episodes in & # 39; the office of Peter Capaldi in & # 39; e TARDIS.

During a fan-watch-a-long for the episode Listen – presented in & # 39; Capaldi's first series as the Twelfth Doctor – Steven Moffat made the bewildering tale that he made a mistake then & # 39; classic episode referenced.

During Listen, the Doctor (Capaldi) is taken on an insular journey to a mysterious monster that has followed him since childhood.

The Doctor's companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) says at one point that & # 39; fearful companions of us all make & # 39; what is even a call to an earlier quote of & # 39; e First Doctor, played by William Hartnell.

Alone, that quote is not entirely accurate – Hartnell actually says that & # 39; fears are supervisors of us all. & # 39;

On Twitter, Moffat joked that he made the mistake of being "drunk in power". & # 39;

'Make companions of us all!' The very first time that the Doctor is kind to everyone in Doctor Who, that's his words (we had to wait until ep 3.)

Moffat Declared the First Doctor, played by William Hartnell (Image: BBC)

'Always liked the line, and the kindness that came with it first. This was my love letter in it. & # 39;

He went on: 'And I actually pointed out the line. Hartnell says "of all of us" and Jenna says "of all of us."

& # 39; Knowing it was wrong, but couldn't leave the way I answered it wrong for so long. Like, the DG (sic) was fine with me, because I did not mention Hartnell wrong. I was drunk with power. & # 39;

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It's OK Steven, we forgive you.

This isn't the first time the Sherlock writer has opened up about behind-the-scenes secrets that don't carry his work of writing for the show – rather, fans argue that in one particular David Tennant two-part, a secret, hidden future incarnation is from the Doctor.

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