Hello Darkness my old friend.

Destiny 2 seems to be heading to Europe for its next expansion.

Jupiter's icy month is the setting for a fast-moving teaser trailer, uploaded to Bungie & # 39; s Instagram account.

The video shows fan-favorite character Eris Morn crossing the frozen debris of the planet to … find something. Bungie's teaser ends by revealing more each week.

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"The next chapter of Destiny 2 is almost here," read the accompanying text. "Vote for the departure at 6 a.m. CEST on June 9." (That would be 11am UK time next Tuesday.)

Although & # 39; there is no doubt about & # 39; the authenticity of & # 39; e trailer, the fact that it has since been removed may suggest that Bungie is re-thinking about that date – like the announcement of it now.

Last Friday, Bungie posted the impending arrival of Darkness to Destiny 2, after nearly six years of waiting and building glacier plots. An ominous sound clip featuring an image of & # 39; iconic pyramid ships of & # 39; e Darkness was released via Twitter.

Fans have pointed to Bungie & # 39; s use of the word & # 39; blowout & # 39; in this Instagram video as maybe a dying (sorry) nod to the Darkness faction. Sometimes referred to within Destiny lore as The Veil, this long tease race is expected to arrive in Destiny 2 this fall.

Bungie typically releases its major Destiny expansions every September, with the addition of a new location for players to explore. Europe was long expected – it was originally scheduled for inclusion in & # 39; s original Destiny 1 expansion The Taken King – and Bungie has previously shown concept art of her plans for the location.

Could this become the new frontier against Darkness as they enter the solar system?

An abandoned Golden Age city on Europe.
A Europe base of & # 39; e Cabal.


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