Bubba Wallace, the only black driver in NASCAR's top series, was one of & # 39; a very few NASCAR drivers who made a public statement in the days following George Floyd's death, and told Dale Earnhardt Jr. that he was keen after the recent NASCAR race that so many of his competitors chose to remain silent on the incident that has sparked protests around the world.

During an appearance on & # 39; the Dale Jr. podcast, Wallace said he is turning his peers into a group text to step up and share their feelings about injustice, and some of & # 39; The biggest stars in sports remember that they have the platform and the power to create a meaningful impact on their fanbases. Wallace revealed the message he sent to Chase Elliott, one of & # 39; the most popular drivers in & # 39; e sports, and urge the young star to take a stand.

& # 39; I wouldn't want the guy who went out and won the championship in a terrible year, but never commented on the problems we & # 39; ve been facing in our society … I get that we have it hard. We have to worry about sponsors. We have to worry about teams and all that stuff. But that's a shock to me. And maybe I'm wrong to think so, but I'm not sorry what someone says – I'll get my message and how & # 39; I feel, & how & # 39; things should be changed in this world in order to to make it better for everyone to be included. Inclusion is so important. And I don't worry about what sponsors think, I don't worry about what the team is thinking for once. And that's where maybe people are like & # 39; it's just a difficult topic to comment on. & # 39; That's what I get. I get that. You're white, it's hard. You don't understand it.

However, I told this Chase Elliott…. I texted him yesterday evening. I said & # 39; hey man, you are now the biggest name in our sport, bud. Like it or not, you are the biggest name. And your voice carries much more than mine in our sport. & # 39; I said, & # 39; Don't stay silent here, please. Don't let it go under wraps. & # 39; And he was, & # 39; I know, it's hard to respond, I've tried to come up with something. & # 39; And he said & # 39; what is really changing? & # 39; , & # 39; Chase, I don't know, but I think about it. Imagine a follower, two followers that you have. One is a person who will hate someone, kill someone today. And the other is one that is not discriminated against. Imagine saying something and both people see that and they are like & # 39; wow, that changed who I am today. I will no longer hate anyone, and I will no longer be allowed to discriminate. I will rise for what is good. Imagine that your words change someone else's life. & # 39; "

Although Elliott did not tweet a statement about Floyd & # 39; s death, he nonetheless participated in #BlackoutTuesday.

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