As All Lives Matter, it's time to admit that Black Lives Matter does too

Since the Black Lives Matter movement was founded in 2013, a wave of people decided it was wrong to say. Ignorance decided that we should say "All Lives Matter". Of course, every life is important, but society does not reflect that ideology. How can you say "All Lives Matter" when innocent black people are killed?

All Lives Matter is one of the most damaging remarks you could make when talking about the Black Lives Matter movement. We are way past the point in a society where seeing innocent black lives by the police is shocking, it is a constant wave of mourning; almost until it was accepted as the norm. How do you think it feels like fighting for our rights is completely ignored and met with a "But also all life!"

First, stop saying All Lives Matter

It's pretty simple. By deflecting the Black Lives Matter movement with the assertion that all lives matter, you ignore the lives of those who died in & # 39; hands of & # 39; e police. If all lives matter, why only black threatening people's lives every day? Why are only innocent black people killed by the police, with their murderers fired and allowed to continue their lives?

The hypocrisy of suggesting that all life matters is just gross. The Black Lives Matter movement was founded to fight against illegal violence and institutionalized racism against black people. It is a clear attempt to overlook the real issue, you make it very clear that you are blatantly disrespectful to those who have not lost their lives because of their race.

Saying it alone makes you sound ignorant

If you did your research, you would understand how idiotic you sound. There has never been a dispute that matters to all lives, but when it comes to a point that black people are killed and no justice is done, their lives clearly have no interest at the moment. That's the point of & # 39; the hashtag in the first place. If you truly believed that all lives mattered, you would support the Black Lives Matter movement; to try to tell governing institutions that black lives are being treated inhumanly.

For example, if you had five children and one gets a paper cut. You wouldn't give five patches for all five kids, because only one of them was affected by the paper cut. You would focus on the child who is hurt, just as you should focus on moving Black Lives Matter, in order to not be the ones who are actively oppressed.

Black people have been beaten and abused for longer than we have lived. Police brutality doesn't just happen anymore, they just get filmed. The burning house is a perfect example of debunking the term & # 39; all lives matter & # 39 ;. If there were two houses and one was on fire, you would have the house attached to & # 39; set fire, be sure to try to snake, because that's the one that's most affected, not the one that's perfect. Trying to snake both will stop the progress of saving the house that is in fact in & # 39; e fire.

And you dare not say, & # 39; But Blue Lives Matter too! & # 39;

Please stop. "Blue Lives Matter" is another trend that helps monopolize a movement started by and for black people. Black Lives Matter was a unique movement; empowering people around the world and now there is this. Blue Lives Matter. A collaboration that has inverted what the Black Lives Movement stands for.

Black Lives Matter has been protesting and actively protesting about police brutality for seven years and individuals have been doing it for decades. To hijack a move, assuming it is the police who are killed at such an alarming rate is both ridiculous and a mockery to those who have been and are being influenced by police brutality.

According to the FBI, 48 officers died as a result of criminal acts in 2019, but 235 black people were shot dead by police; that number does not even include the deaths of people killed in circumstances such as George Floyd. The Blue Lives Matter movement is clearly a way to create anger and mockery for supporters of the Black Live Matter movement.

Here you can interact with people who & # 39; t say & # 39; All Lives Matter & # 39;

Seth Rogen taught us all how to respond perfectly to those who don't say All Lives Matter: just tell them to fuck them.

We're kidding, people need to learn and not only are told to fuck (even if it feels right, at this time), but also – it's not your responsibility to educate these people when you're sick, tired and emotional unleashed from fighting this fight.

Unfortunately, not all celebrities are Seth Rogen, and they are not all aware of how harmful the use of their platform is to say that all lives matter. Recently, Gemma Collins was blamed for saying the & # 39; s statement in a video to social media and has since been deleted after receiving backlog.

If you have met with someone who says that all lives matter, then it is your job to teach them that their ignorance is extremely harmful. Tell them instead why the Black Lives Matter was set up and what they can do to support the move. We just told you, so repeat what you've learned and try your best to teach someone else. Especially if you are white. You almost didn't have to fight this fight as long as black people did.

The term & # 39; Black Lives Matter & # 39; is not to say that non-black lives do not matter, but it is to show that black lives are continually treated as having less value than others and that is why people speak out. If all lives matter, why don't the police, the institutions in this country and the US, and the justice system treat them like they do?

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