People flocked to the park after reducing restrictions for lockdown on a sweltering weekend, with many who couldn't take food and boxes of drinks.

The park's workforce was left to equate the equivalent of all & # 39; site waste in & # 39; half the month of March, and only slightly less than all the waste left in May in the Quarry.

Now, civic leaders have issued a plea to visitors to clean themselves up and help keep the popular park comfortable for everyone.

Helen Ball, Shrewsbury City Council's Office, said: "We are more than happy to welcome visitors to our green spaces in & # 39; city, and we know that the majority of & # 39; Respect the parks for the benefit of everyone who uses them.

“The amount of waste our staff collected after the weekend was unacceptable. It is up to individuals to take responsibility for their own waste and to respect the environment around them.

"Forgotten waste is also a threat to our wildlife and it is essential that people make sure they leave no dangers that can have devastating consequences for animals.

“When people use our parks and open spaces, I ask that they put their garbage in the provided bins, or take it home with them.


"Our staff was demoralized on Monday morning when they saw the amount of dismissal that people left unselfish. It is only to the hard work of our staff that the spaces have been cleared for people to reuse the parks.

"And with the National Volunteering this week, we thank all of our wonderful volunteers, including those who choose litter, and who don't make such a big difference to our beautiful city."

Staff completed Monday 1,100-liter bulk bins. This compared to 20 bulk bins collected for March and 27 bulk bins collected for half May, when & # 39; t started to be limited.

Leader of the & # 39 City Council, Councilor Alan Mosley, added: & # 39; I met Max Brown on Sunday morning while taking a walk in the quarry. He has taken it upon himself to pick litter in the park and has done some tremendous work to support our staff.

& # 39; He has been collecting a huge amount of waste for a number of days now and his congregation spirit should not be ignored.

"I understand that there are many dog ​​walkers that take pride in our Quarry and have also collected litter while they were out for their exercise.

"It's a great testament to the community-minded people here in Shrewsbury that they take great pride in where they live."


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